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It’s just another day in the Hayse household surrounded by the dogs and birds. Lots and lots of birds. What started out as a hobby has now turned into a full-blown aviary. Am I surprised? No. After all- this is Bree.

All of you know her story and the reason we brought Bananas into her life. Well, our little feathered sweetie gave her so much joy that she wanted to share it with her fellow vets. With five eggs in the nest, two brand new chicks we’re hand raising, and the little ‘bald eagle’ about to be weaned- we can officially announce that the Cockatiel Companion Program for Home-Bound Veterans has begun.


I am SO proud of my wife. After everything she’s gone through, she continues to rise to the top. Thanks to you- her readers and her friends- she’s been able to retire early from hospice nursing and devote her time to the program and that novel a month that she promised for you.

That being said, I feel the need to point out something. The tours/authors she hosts on this blog are all voluntary AKA there is no pay. Consistent with who she is, Bree wants to help as many people as she can. Unfortunately, there are those out there who believe themselves to be entitled and, recently, accusatory and demanding.

Yesterday, a NEW author of a self-published book emailed her with some rather ugly accusations and assumptions as to WHY she didn’t promo him. The answer was simple- she didn’t get the media kit and promised she’d put up the post if she could get it. No biggie, right? Not for this jerk (who didn’t even bother to introduce himself). I mean, who does that?

Is there a term for a male Diva? 

The worse thing for a man to do, in my eyes, is to disrespect a woman. Even more, disrespect MY woman. I am so proud of Bree for standing up to him and not allowing yet another person try to steal her voice or manipulate her. It was also so embarrassing to the male population  (and the US Army) that he whined like a brand new subbie who needed a serious spanking. Seriously- every alleged ‘apology’ he made was laced with more insults and excuses, and deepened the hole he had dig for himself. If you mess up- own it, apologize for it, and let it go AKA Grow Up.

Who has time for such drama and theatrics?

You guys know me and my disposition about how to treat my ladies. Don’t ever come after what’s mine and not expect me to get involved. I won’t stand for anyone- especially a man (who shifted to the pity party and victim mentality when he was called out) dissing any of my girls. That includes you, my darlings.

Bree told him to approach her professionally and she’d help- but I put a stop to it. I blocked this individual from her email and he won’t be posted on this blog. Many of you have enjoyed the opportunity to meet all these new authors through Silver Daggers Tours and Saturday Spanks- but this person, and any like him, won’t be one of them. No more abusers- no more bullies- just no more.

Be Good or Else!

Sir John


  1. I applaud you standing up for your woman. As she is a special one, we need more men like you around. Thank you! the birds are adorable btw.

  2. As I said on Facebook some people feel entitled instead of thankful that someone is trying to help them. Bree’s heart is always in the right place. He sounds like a real hmmm jerk. Glad he is gone. The birds are beautiful!!!!!!

  3. Sir John,I am so pleased that Breanna has you to help her with these bullies,she does not deserve that kind of abuse that these bullies do or say,no woman does. Why do people treat each other like that I don’t understand. Stay safexx

    • TY. I just wish she wouldn’t wait so long for me to step in, but we all know she’s a bit stubborn, lol. Botton line, you never approach someone you don’t know and not even bother to introduce yourself. You also ASK, not accuse and never attack a blogger who could have helped your career. Bree, bless her heart, wouldv’e put his book in her newsletter- that would’ve been like 23K people! Some people never learn, huh? The gal who runs the tours is fabulous and Bree and I trust her to put an end to his childish behavior.

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