What’s Your Wish for the Weekend?

To celebrate and simultaneously countdown to the release of Justice for Liberty each day we’ll share a new snippet along with a re-release for a special price. Today and through the weekend A Little Wish Upon a Star will be 99 cents. Come back each day to get a peek at Liberty and one-click ’til your hearts content!

Justice for Liberty

Thank you to all the men and women from Holding Out Help (http://holdingouthelp.org) who personally shared the stories with me about their lives in the polygamous FLDS compounds run by The United Order of the international criminal, Warren Jeffs. On the the FBI Ten Most Wanted List and charged with sexual molestation of minors, both male and female, Jeffs also participated in the arrangement of illegal marriages between adult male followers and underage girls. He alluded the authorities until he was captured during a routine traffic stop and is presently serving a life sentence, plus twenty years, for two felony counts of child sexual assault. The events of Warren Jeffs and the FLDS associations are of public/legal knowledge and all references used for research are listed at the end of this book.

The characters named in this work, other than the public figures listed above, are fictitious as is our heroine’s origin. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. As promised to the men and women of Holding Out Help, Liberty gets her Happily-Ever-After in the truest sense of justice. We at Twisted Hearts Productions wish that each of you are blessed with the same.




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