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Grrrr… Things at the Hayse household are gritty today. There is a member in our family who leaves coffee grounds all over the counters and spills chicken feed everywhere instead of closing the bag where it is all spilling out. Sooooo…. I mentioned to this person to one.. Put a paper towel down to catch the coffee grounds and, two… Hold the bag closed so that stuff was not spilled all over the place. Apparently, this suggestion was viewed as though it were rocket science, and promptly ignored. Of course, I said something about doing things in a mature manner. NOW, this person is upset because I hurt his feelings and did not apologize. I got the “I am disappointed in you” comment this morning, but still do not feel the need to apologize beyond I am sorry your feelings were hurt, but you are an adult and should be more considerate of our living environment. I attempted to equate it to leaving the toilet seat up (which, Thank God, this person does not do!),  but he didn’t get it. I then called this individual a drama queen. That was not well received either, and resulted in what I consider pouting.



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  1. For once! I finally get you guys to have SOME pity on me. Now, who said it was the DOM, who was being the BRAT, and POUTING? Not me,,, although we all know that the only thing Nikki doesnt clean up is her room…. Ad the boy dogs dont make coffee.
    I dont want to be the grown up nor do I have any allowance to engwge in disciplnary measures,
    Oh yeah, so HE made ME apologize! And get this,,, there were still coffee grounds on the counter (although he did hang up the laundry and take stuff to the cleaners). BOYS!!!!

  2. I agree with Lily. Try positive reinforcements. May take a couple of tries but should work beautifully. If not perhaps corner time and lines would make said person see things your way.
    “I will clean up my messes and do as the wonderful Breanna Hayse says because she is the Queen of my Universe.” 🙂

  3. My brother the same and gets mad at me after telling him to clean it up 10 times. Sometimes I just clean it myself. Ughhh makes me feel like a nagging mother.

  4. You can’t just point it out, lol, and kissing pouty lips might help a smidge. I suspect that the method and tone used was not to the individual’s liking. Might I suggest subtly retraining the individial with small chocolates like Sheldon does Penny on Big Bang Theory.
    <3 L

  5. Are you sure about the pouting? That is a punishable offense. Probably corner time. Not sure about the rest of the problem. Good luck with any sort of re-training program.

  6. Aww I’m sorry 🙁 ya know…you could leave Dom notes in the Dom kitchen and the Dom chicken coop to remind the uh Dom of what to do 🙂 make it all sparkly and neon maybe with highlighter? He’ll be sure to see it and it’s a great craft project! Win/Win

  7. There’s a member of my family (my dad) who does the same thing with sugar and whatever else is done on the counter btw, so I understand your pain!!! Thw clorox wipes are even under the sink for crying out loud!!! I just grumble and clean it up.

  8. I think you were the adult one in this discussion. The question is, will things be done more neatly in the future? Besides what happens to you if you don’t follow set guidelines? Punishments may ensue!

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