What Would You Do…..

Hello lovelies,

As you all know, there is little hope for negotiating in D/s. However, once in a while, I do have a game Bree hates and loves.

It goes like this. I get her favorite chocolates…..and play what would you do. For example, here’s a double chocolate, how many spanks will you take? The better the chocolate, the higher the stakes, from a simple hand spanking to 12 cane strokes for a chocolate and caramel apple, lol.

Now she can refuse but then there is no chocolate, which is worse than a hairbrush for Bree. It’s enjoyably sadistic for me, especially if she has been jonesing, for chocolates not spankings.

Be good or else,


4 thoughts on “What Would You Do…..

  1. I’m thinking I would take just the hand spanks. Can’t think of anything that would be worth the cane. So….what did Bree pick?

  2. Some things are worth the bottom pain. I think there should always be room to negotiate in D/s. I mean that’s just fair right? But not always at the subs expense meaning a sore bottom.

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