Wave to the Queen

Hello Lovelies,

No, this is not about Bree. She believes she’s the queen around here, but it’s about the real undisputed queen of the universe. Drum roll please…..Pricess!!!

Why do I call her the mega queen? Ok dig this, we have an above ground pool, not huge, but big enough. Bree gets in, then Diamond. Princess, however, looks at me as if to say, “Well, pick me up and put me in. I don’t jump.” Excuse me, your highness. Ok she’s  in, Bree’s floating, Diamond is swimming and Princess??? Oh she’s waiting, for what you may ask, I’ll let her tell you.

Hello humans, it’s me, Princess, the one and only. So get this, finally SJ remembers I don’t jump and puts me in the pool, took long enough. What’s with you humans anyway? But I digress, now I’m in and Bree is staring at me. I’m thinking, come on you’re the Mensa head, you can figure this out. Finally, she does and pulls my float, or throne, over to me. Now I can float and wave to my subjects swimming around…..and it’s hot, no drinks? It’s not easy owning humans. See what I mean?

Be  good or else

SJ and Princess

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