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In honor of finishing the next book in the Darkness series we’ve decided to throw it back to the beginning with Strictland Academy this Saturday. Make sure you take a  few moments to see what all the other spanking authors have to offer over at the Saturday Spanking Blog.

Strictland Academy

Every day, authors of erotica receive emails asking for something different… Forbidden fruit, taboo, stories made up from hellish nightmares. Readers begging for characters like Vlad the Impaler, Pinhead, and Hannibal Lechter are flooding us with the challenge to step outside the box filled with teddy bears and bubble gum, and dive into something beyond the imagination.

We are reminded that darkness lurks inside the minds of all of us, and that many people, even the most gentle of souls, are fascinated with things of horror, are drawn to the forbidden, and delight in fear… When Carolyn approached me with the challenge to meet her in this place, I balked. Did I have the courage to sail down this river with her? If I did not, how would I ever see what lay hidden in the recesses of my own imagination? So I met her challenge…

This book is not for the feint of heart, or for anyone looking for a warm fuzzy to cuddle up to next to a crackling fire. True to the title, The Darkness Series, this is the first installment that will allow thousands of reader fantasies to be put to pen and paper. It is not a tale of romance, rather that of survival. Does good always overcome evil? Only time will tell…..

Beautiful, but rebellious young women are sentenced to an indefinite time in a privately run ‘reform school’. Unknowingly, the staff has a vicious appetite for obedience, pain and pleasure. Strictland Academy follows the horrifying journey in both the pain, and the pleasure of some of these women. They face sadistic matrons bent on teaching them to be ‘proper citizens’, embarrassing and oftentimes, painful medical exams, and the never-ending fear of being married off to a ‘worthy man.’ Their only hope of escape comes in the form of a kind, but determined, psychiatrist, and the girls’ ability to survive.


Attendant Hazel set the files atop the scarred surface and positioned the girls with instructions to remain at attention. She administered swats with one of her readily available implements until their stances conformed to her exacting demands. Before she departed, she untied their wrists and left them with a warning: “Wait here for the Headmaster. Do not move a muscle. Your backsides will not be able to tolerate much more punishment today.”

When he entered, the Headmaster paused to silently study the condition of their bare bottoms, not physically touching them as he demanded they bend over the edge of the desk. He made several comments about their bruises, including the area covered, the different shapes of the marks, and the various shades of red that had been achieved. He ordered them to return to attention and retrieved an enormous leather, guitar-shaped paddle from his desk drawer.

“Remain at attention, girls. I want you to lace your fingers tightly behind your head and spread your legs as wide as you can without losing balance or falling forward.”

Pain and fear prevented their rapid compliance to his instructions.



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  1. Strictland Academy is a place I’d definitely want to steer clear of, but I want to know more about the psychiatrist in charge of the girls. Intriguing snippet, Breanna.

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