To Our Readers

My heartfelt thanks to all my wonderful readers and fans!

Please keep those reviews coming! I am so excited to hear what you have to say about my upcoming books. There are plenty more in the mix, so grab a cup of tea and snuggle down to some spanking, hot, and just plain fun reading.

Got questions? Just ask! My beloved hubby and I live the lifestyle, so it’s not just fantasy for us (although, when I’m in deep kimchee, I wish it were!). We are both happy to share our own experiences and insight regarding functioning happily and healthily in a practicing D&S relationship. If you have questions from a male/Dom or a female/sub perspective, let us know.

I will also be posting blurbs from my new books, talking more about inspiration and looking for ways to keep myself out of trouble (for once). It’s not easy, so I’ll need all the help I can get! Talk to you soon!

Luvs, Breanna

Is there any type of scenario that you really like but don’t see enough of? How about a fantasy that you would just love to see written?

Let me know!

17 thoughts on “To Our Readers

  1. I adored Piper’s Journey!!! My husband and I are relatively new to the lifestyle. And I have been very conflicted that being a sub makes me weak. This book explains it beautifully. I cannot thank you enough for writing it!!! Can’t wait for the next one!!

  2. Bree, I finished Two Guardians for Little May. I liked it. Not as good as some others. I just felt like there was something missing in it. However, It could be the worst book and I would still buy and read it as long as you are the author I know I have asked this time and again, but, when will the End Zone be finished? May all time favorite books of yours. Thank you for all the wonderful stories you write.

    • Please tell me what you thought was missing? I really tried to put everything into that one to appeal to everyone. I am so backlogged on everything, so I really can’t say exactly when End Zone will come out. Feel free to email me too, okay? And thanks!

    • There certainly will be! As soon as I am done with this move (almost there), I am going to be starting on this piece. In Piper Gets Schooled- she is going to be facing a ton of dilemmas– trying to balance her new personal life and school, discovering how being involved with a bad influence and insanely possessive ‘friendship’ can threaten her future and all her relationships, and how the party scene and play gatherings can, and cannot, work for her. She will also be heavily involved in true age play- and be forced to make a decision if that is the lifestyle she truly wants to pursue… How long can she pretend to be something she is not? (Whether that is the ‘adult’ or the APer is left to be seen).
      Let’s not forget about the cliffhanger… who was this person who came to ‘piss in her cheerios’?
      Lotsa loves- Bree

  3. Hi I’ve recently joined Bethany woodshed and read your general’s daughter series. I loved it and I hope the muse hit you to write at least one more. I’d love to see the generals find ladies for themselves as well. More please.

  4. I can’t believe that someone left a Two Star Review for Meeting Her Master. I left her my opinion in the comments section. The nerve of her. (Looking all annoyed) Keep up the good work Bree!

  5. OY! The guilts! I am working On End Zone, which is Game plan 3. Not sure there will be a sequeal to Lost and Found… My muse hasnt struck me with anything for that yet. Got LOTS of fun things in progress though.. A new AP that is with the editors readying for publication and three new books actively in progress!
    I am seriously considering running away for a month to a cabin somewhere and write, write, write!

  6. Please tell me when I can expect “The Game Plan 3” and a sequel to “Lost And Found” I’ve been anxiously awaiting. Please don’t disappoint.

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