The Truth Is Way Out There

Hello Lovelies,

So Bree had to be a smart mouth (I know, what are the odds right?). She called me a dumb a$$ in messenger and got a hot red bottom. Guess what happens the next day? You got it, she does the same thing. So I bust her and tell her we will discuss this upstairs. Her explanation was that a friend of hers has access to her account and she wrote it…, I’m not joking. The woman, who has lived with me for over 12 years, actually thought that would work. I mean maybe she was playing with a Ouija board and became possessed, maybe aliens took over her laptop, or Princess was practicing her typing…but this??? Come on….

Be good or else,


1 thought on “The Truth Is Way Out There

  1. Well you can’t blame her for trying. I mean it wouldn’t be normal to just admit to something like that, subs eventually learn that you know. Bree is very smart.

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