The Proverbial….This is going to hurt me much more than it will hurt you…………


Thanks to my darling sister, we have a new implement in our family. Oooo, I want to smack her. If you can’t tell, I’m NOT in the mood for her ‘cuteness’, and she just loves to push me. She gave John this stupid hairbrush and, of course, he wanted to try it out. On me…. and I’m not talking about my hair.

So I did what any well-trained, respectful and obedient submissive would do. I protested. LOUDLY. And then, in a moment of insanity, I did the unthinkable… I slapped the hairbrush out of his hand.

I should have known by the look in his eyes to immediately apologize. Nikki was the smart one this time, and kaboodled out of there FAST. But, damn it…. I was not in the mood!

Not that it matters. Sure enough, I found myself upended and over his knee for a real taste of that stupid, stupid, stupid hairbrush. He prefaced it with “Breanna, this could have been so easy for you, but you had to push me. I’m sorry, but this will hurt me much more than it hurts you….”

Yeah, tell that to my bottom! That f***ing brush stung like you would not believe! He finally stopped and holding me over his lap, asked what my next smart-ass move was going to me. Of course, I answered,

“Sue these jerks for false advertising. That is NOT an ouchless brush!”

Luvs, Bree

P.S. Nikki better watch her back!

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3 thoughts on “The Proverbial….This is going to hurt me much more than it will hurt you…………

  1. Humprf…. I agree about the purchaser of such a device experiencing the effects…. I’m sure she will before the week is out. as for splinters… its plastic! Still grumbling, btw.

  2. I knew after reading Nikki’s post that this could not have gone well. OUCH! I think the one who bought it should get a taste of the brush as well!

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