The Bully and The Book

books-found-at-blaydon-west-primary-school-149255630No, it isn’t a new story. Not for me, anyway…. For some reason, this new year is also bringing forth an attitude that John seems to have very little patience for. I don’t know why…. but everytime I turn around, I’m getting into some kind of trouble for either having a big mouth, not following through on a chore, or being a little bit defiant. So Mr. Meanie has decided it was time I started keeping a punishment book again to ‘deal’ with things on my days off. So not fair, huh?
My next complaint… geesh, I don’t have a book and don’t have time to go buy the stupid thng. so, of course, John in all his domly goodness, BUYS me one. Its ugly, red and waaaaaaaay too big for my liking. I told him that and he didn’t care. He ordered me to write my name on the front and label it Punishment Book. Did I?


My first entry.

No amount of begging, explaining, justifying, or bribing worked for me, and I earned myself a rather nasty bit of time BB and OTK with puncuated reminders to ‘mind him’. I hate that phrase. Mind him. I usually DON’T mind having him around, but minding him is another issue completley. I told him so…

Earning my second entry.

I’m convinced it was the ugly books doing. So, in a half-hearted effort to show forth my loving compliance (I grit my teeth as I make that statement), I bought myself a pretty little cloth-covered journal… small, colorful, and discreet. Fundamentally, the perfect item to keep in my purse to jot down ideas and notes for my stories, right?

My first entry—
Not writing Breanna’s Punishment Book on the front.

Sigh….. hope the rest of you are having a happy new year. My bottom isn’t!


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