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END ZONE is nearing completion! Finally, after all the nagging I’ve been getting to complete the GAME PLAN series, I caved. Wait until you see where Cassie and the gang end up. Here’s sneak peek- Can you guess where they might be and how many spankings and other delight Cassie will receive?


“It’s going to hurt to sit if you stick that little tongue out at me again,” he warned, wagging his finger.

“You and Merry do it all the time. I see it.”

“Auntie Merry is also my little sister. And no talking back.”

“You talk back to Uncle Dorian all the time, too.”

“You’re quite the little smart ass, aren’t you?” The big man placed his hands on the ground and leaned back. Cassie raised her right eyebrow. He was baiting her, but why? She decided to bite.

“It’s better than being a dumb-ass.”

“Are you calling me a dumb-ass?” Elia asked, rising to his feet and brushing the dirt from his hands.

“I didn’t call you anything. I merely responded to what you called me,” she said saucily, once again lining up a path to escape. If there was one thing she had learned while living in a house full of football players, it was how to do a quarterback sneak. “Oh, shit! They found me!”

Elias turned his head in the direction she was pointing and Cassie raced off like a bat out of hell.


There is going to be a fourthbook!  TOUCHDOWN! 

That being said, I’ve been channeling Cassie a lot lately, and poor John is spending even more time banging his head against the wall. Needless to say, I’ve been constantly finding myself in hot water but I can’t stop!

For those of you who don’t follow me on FB- this is a recent post…
After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that my misbehavior and sassing back is conducive to my dommy husband’s health and well being. Therefore, my butt should NOT suffer the consequences of said misbehaviors.
Case in point-
1. Chasing me around the house enhances his cardio/respiratory health and increases his lifespan. That’s a good thing, right?
2. Debating with me, even though I’m always right, stimulates his brain and reduces the risk of DOMentia. (Sorry, couldn’t help it)
3. Any and all pranks at his expense are effective in maintaining his vigilance and sharpens his senses. In particular, such pranks that involve hiding creepy music boxes under the bed and pretending I don’t hear them go off in the middle of the night, evaluates his hearing levels. This is essential for his profession as a musician.
4. Stealing his favorite chocolate not only assists with his nutritional health, but also makes me horny… and we all know how effective sex is for increasing the strength of your immunity system.
6. And finally- making him laugh whenever I try to talk him out of any of the above keeps the old man alive, kicking and forever on his toes.

In conclusion- I strongly believe that any and all of the above behaviors, antics, and other such activities have a positive viable effect and should be considered null, void and paddle free!

Who’s with me?!

Ryann’s Revenge Coming Soon!

Ryann's Revenge

Devastated by the abandonment of her unfaithful husband, Ryann finds herself struggling as a single mother to give her young son everything that she holds dear—the love and support of family. Just when life feels like it’s going to collapse on her, Kayne comes barging into her life to rescue her from herself. Her eldest brother’s best friend suddenly becomes her knight in shining armor (wearing a police badge) who takes a no-nonsense approach to altering some of Ryann’s bad habits. It starts with being bent over his knee for a good solid spanking.

Their friendship evolves into love and Ryann begins to picture spending the rest of her life with this man and blending their two families together. For the first time in nearly nine years, Ryann has hope that she will find true happiness with Kayne by her side. But living in a small town means that everyone knows your business—family, friends and enemies.

Unbeknownst to Kayne, Ryann’s ex-husband comes crashing back into her life and for reasons that were much more dangerous than unrequited love. Determined to prove her ability to take care of herself and ‘handle’ the drama, Ryann keeps the intrusion a secret from Kayne and her family. Unfortunately, secrets are discovered—especially when strangers come banging on the back door with demands to return an object that had been found in the old shed. Fear for the safety of hers and Kayne’s children leads to a confession and Ryann faces the consequences of her dishonesty. She always discovers the depth of Kayne’s unconditional love and ability to pleasure her heart and body.

Just when she thinks the drama is over, Ryann comes face to face with an unexpected enemy who wants what she has—Kayne. Did she learn her lesson this time around or was she bound to face another spanking from Kayne that she would never forget?

Ryann jumped at the sound of her phone ringing next to her. She plucked it off the seat and answered, swearing under her breath as her van momentarily veered into the other lane. With the phone wedged between her ear and shoulder, she waved at the driver of the Volvo, who rudely flipped her the bird.


“This is the school secretary. We are going to need you to come back to the facility.”

She rolled her eyes and quickly whipped the vehicle around in an illegal U-turn, ignoring the honk from the truck that nearly rear-ended her. Taking a deep breath as she started her way back towards the school, she asked, “Which kid is sick now?”

“Oh, no one is sick,” the other woman stated in a cheerful voice. “Unfortunately, your son was involved in a fight with another boy.”

“What? Is he okay?”

“No one is seriously hurt, but the principal wants to speak with you.”

“Damn it! I’m on my way,” she shouted, tossing the phone on the seat.

She caught the sudden blinking of blue lights out of the corner of her eye. “Just fucking great! Please don’t let it be Kayne. Please don’t let it be Kayne!” she muttered out loud, taking a moment to reflect her relationship with the old family friend.

Kayne Erickson had been a permanent, and often annoying, fixture in her life ever since she could remember.  Like a knight in shining armor, the man stepped in to support her after her husband abandoned her and her son, James, for the bleached blonde, big breasted bartender who he allegedly met at a ‘convention.’

Since the divorce, her feelings for him had slowly changed. He became the person who was always available to listen to her complaints, fears, and doubts regarding raising James on her own and being able to provide everything the boy deserved to be happy and healthy.  As a single father of a six-year-old, Kayne knew better than anyone the difficulties and hardships involved and never hesitated to speak truthfully about the realities of life, whether she liked it or not. Their history together had left him in a position that he knew her far better than she knew herself and had opened the door for a level of intimacy that she wasn’t entirely comfortable facing.

The sound of the sirens grew louder, accompanied by the projection of a male voice over the police vehicle’s speaker. Ryann mumbled one more prayer that the pursuing officer was anyone but Kayne before she glanced in the rear-view mirror.  Her heart sank. Not only was it Kayne, but he was close enough on her tail that she could see the expression on his handsome face. With a groan, she dialed his cell number, instinctively knowing that this situation would not end well for her.

“Are you seriously calling me while I am trying to pull your ass over? Slow down now! You’re in a neighborhood, not on a race track!” His voice rumbled with annoyance.

“I can’t. It’s kind of an emergency,” Ryann replied, her eyes glued to the road.



Coming to your kindle 8/15

Keep Hidden

Spyder jpg

Blood covered her hands. There was no turning back now that he was dead. Finally. She had lost count of the number of years that she had undergone his unspeakable abuse and cowed to his every depraved fancy just to survive to see another day. The terrors she faced had pushed her to the edge of desperation and sanity, but now she was free of him forever. Her future concern was only of one entity and a single pursuer—the New World System. It was only a minor thought for now; one that trickled in the back of her mind like an annoying drip of water plucking against a metal sink. Nothing the System could do would ever compare to the horrors he had subjected her to. Nothing

Eventually, her crime would catch up to her, but for the moment, she would do her best to cover her tracks and remove herself as far from this hellhole as humanly possible. Looking around at the sparse furnishings of the mansion, she implemented her long conceived plan to make his death appear as though it had occurred by his own hands while in a drunken stupor. The man’s servants would find the charred remains of the house, conclude that he had finally fallen due to his own carelessness, and hopefully assume that she had expired with him. She was certain that they were fooled regarding her devotion to their master after she had taken great pains to give the appearance of consent and eagerness while playing his sordid games. Her thoughts drifted back to the System—would she be worth the time and expense to hunt down and punish? It all depended on how much the officials, or whoever he had held in his pocket, needed him. For all she knew, his death might be embraced by the others, but she couldn’t take that chance. Her life, and her freedom, depended on keeping hidden in the shadows.

Coming Soon!

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