Wave to the Queen

Hello Lovelies,

No, this is not about Bree. She believes she’s the queen around here, but it’s about the real undisputed queen of the universe. Drum roll please…..Pricess!!!

Why do I call her the mega queen? Ok dig this, we have an above ground pool, not huge, but big enough. Bree gets in, then Diamond. Princess, however, looks at me as if to say, “Well, pick me up and put me in. I don’t jump.” Excuse me, your highness. Ok she’s  in, Bree’s floating, Diamond is swimming and Princess??? Oh she’s waiting, for what you may ask, I’ll let her tell you.

Hello humans, it’s me, Princess, the one and only. So get this, finally SJ remembers I don’t jump and puts me in the pool, took long enough. What’s with you humans anyway? But I digress, now I’m in and Bree is staring at me. I’m thinking, come on you’re the Mensa head, you can figure this out. Finally, she does and pulls my float, or throne, over to me. Now I can float and wave to my subjects swimming around…..and it’s hot, no drinks? It’s not easy owning humans. See what I mean?

Be  good or else

SJ and Princess

Meet Meatball Hayse…


Hi y’all! Things have been a bit chaotic lately with Nikkers and her new job and John and I as new parents!
This is Meatball. A handful of the cutest prickly pear on the planet. She huffs and puffs and sticks that little black nose wherever it can fit… Including places that John prefers she did not. Under the dryer… In a pocket… Up a pant leg. I think you get the idea.

On a personal note, John and I are also focusing on spending more time together. Between the losses I experience with my job, and his absence due to work and training, when we do see one another, we are too tired to really enjoy each other. It is affecting my writing and the blog as well. John has been giving so much of himself to so many of his subbies that he has not had the time to post, let alone work with me on our own projects. I am not the jealous type, but when he could not get time away to go on out dance date, I had to ask him to take a break from training and refocus on me. Seriously, it has been a month since my last session!

I will do my best to answer emails during my work hours, but John promised to take a hiatus for a month from the computer and concentrate on us and our personal and professional commitments. This includes recording our Christmas CD, his book and the book we are working on together.

I hope you all understand and will give him, and me, your support in this break. I miss the man, okay? Plus, Nik is never home to do my laundry, let alone work on the blog anymore, so I need his help. Thanks for everything! I love you!


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