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I am over the top excited to welcome Sierra Cartwright to the  blog today. If you are not familiar with her books, you are in for a real treat. She has written over 20 books and is still going strong. Currently, she is working on the  Mastered series and just released the third book in the series titled Over The Line. I read the first book in the series With This Collar and was completely hooked.

Each book in the ‘Mastered’ series has a new male and female couple, but there are mentions of prior main characters from the other books. So you never know when you may get a glimpse into what your old favorite characters are doing. Yes, I admit, every book I fall in love all over again with her super hot Doms and wish I was his smart, adorable, funny, sassy, sub. lol

This week the third in her Mastered series was released. It is called Over The Line. In this installment, we meet Master Michael & Sydney.

But more about that later. First, I am sure you are all dying to read what Sierra has to say about nipple play. So Welcome Sierra!

Hi! Sierra here. If I’m being honest here, my favorite kink is nipple play. I have an amazing amount of clamps, bras, corsets….you name it! I love writing about them too, as a way to introduce others to the joys (and pains) of nipple play.

I think one of my absolute favorite scenes to write was this one:


She looked up at him through her eyelashes, one of the most seductive things he’d ever seen. She cradled his balls and ran her thumb over the slit in his cock to transfer the first drop of pre-ejaculate onto her skin then into her mouth. She made a show of sucking her thumb.

He captured the chain that ran between her nipples. “Lets make this more interesting,” he said. He pulled her up onto her knees and looped the metal over his hard cock. It would prevent her from pulling too far away.

“Ah…Diabolical, Sir,” she said.

“Don’t touch yourself,” he warned.

Which was in book two of the Mastered Series On His Terms. Just fantasizing about that whole thing? Please a Dom in two ways, but while also getting stimulation from it? *Swoon*
Of course I do go over the small details, like when Master Marcus teaches Julia a thing or two about them, in book one, With This Collar: “We’ll start with a tweezer style. They’re not my favourite because they come off too easily. But they’ll be a good introduction for you.” He opened a drawer then took out a pair. He draped the chain over his index finger. She stared at them.
“I thought you said this was meant to turn me on.”
“Go with it.” He cupped her left breast then sucked her nipple into his mouth, laving the bud, making it hard.”


Now if you are a nipple play virgin-like Nikki (her words not mine), here is some info on different types of nipple clamps.


  In order for experience level… 1 to start out 4 for more experienced.
1. They can slip off with a lot of pulling and if they get wet, but if put on while the nipple is hard, which is a key for properly putting any of them on, it shouldn’t be too big of an issue, although, yanking at them isn’t recommended until you’re comfortable with them. In order to feel comfortable with them, try using them alone for the first time. Pinch your nipples and play with them until they’re hard, then at the base of your nipple between it and the areola, place the rubber tip. Slide the circle up toward your nipple until you feel uncomfortable. Try wearing that around the house for awhile (please, don’t hurt yourself, don’t try to use more pain just to become used to it, take it slow!) say 5 minutes. Gently take them off and rub circulation back into them, massaging up from the areola to your nipples.clamp1
I recommend arnica for helping with any residual pain, it’s all natural and will help increase blood flow back to the area and help prevent bruising/pain afterward. Repeat the process until you’re comfortable with them, knowing that YOU know your body better than anyone else.
***Nikki here-I *hear* arnica is also good for sore bottoms. Just sayin…***
2. These are essentially the same but screw down, choose whichever you feel most comfortable with, I find #1 to be less intimidating.
3. After you’ve adjusted to the first set, go ahead and try adding some weight to them, by way of attaching weight or buying weighted ones. You might want to try gently pulling on the chain of the others before jumping to these, then applying more pressure as you can handle. STOP WHENEVER YOU FEEL THE NEED. If the pain is too much, back it off a little bit, don’t tighten them so much, or wear them so long. They can be a GREAT asset to stimulation, where even the sheets brushing against your bare nipples sends you over the edge, or they can become a painful distraction, be aware of where you feel your line between pleasure and pain is.
***Nikki again, holy crap batman! These babies vibrate! Holy hell!***
4. These, are clover clamps. If you haven’t used clamps before, you probably don’t want to jump into these, if if you’re totally into nipple play. Clover clamps are designed to clamp down on the nipple harder when the chain is being pulled on (think, tug of war… with your nipple). The pain can be incredible – that’s almost the point of these. They can also be a ton of fun, in the right setting (slight punishment, anyone?). Work your way up to using these, please!
Nikki again. I am curious, how many of you are into nipple play? Or are you all a bunch of nipple virgins like me? lol Come on, I wanna hear what you think about it because honestly, when i read these book and they talk about how much it hurts. Going on and worse, coming off. It scares the crap out of me. lol
Now that we have all been skool’d in nipple play and the various types of clamps out there….(If you google nipple clamps images don’t be shocked by what you see. lol) Lets go back to Sierra latest book. You can read the first chapter for free if you go to her blog. If you click on the post card below you can go to Total E Bounds site where you can purchase the book. Or, you can go to Amazon, B&N, and All Romance
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