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The #1 Best Selling Age-Play Author who launched the world-wide contemporary Age-Play Phenomenon with The Game Plan and Time Out, brings you Book 3 of the Game Plan Series


Life was like a Chocolate Mousse Parfait for Cassie Johnson—especially since entering the BDSM lifestyle with the two alpha male brothers, Rob and Bryan.  Her Dom and her Daddy Dom give her everything her Little heart desires—love, attention, pleasure, guidance and even discipline. They both belong to her, in and out of the bedroom, and her life finally feels stable, satisfying and secure. But then her happiness takes a turn when Daddy Bryon announces the probability that he will make his relationship with his girlfriend, Krissy, a permanent one. Throwing salt on her wounds, Cassie learns that both her Doms are interest in sharing her wonderful world with Krissy!

The Little Green Monster is let loose as the young woman faces the pain of being pushed aside and replaced. Devastated when her Little mode is carelessly ordered to ‘grow up,’ she decides to end BDSM, Age-Play and her engagement to Rob. Nothing, or no one, will change her mind.

Except for Dorian Graye, the Whip Master and the ‘king’ of the BDSM community.

Distraught by Cassie’s withdrawal, Rob and Bryon decide to take her to meet their mentor. Cassie can’t resist either Dorian’s charm or his raw ability to read into her needs, and instantly sinks into her Little place. The powerful Dom and his beautiful wife, Meredith, take her under their wing to teach her how to release her fears and open herself to play, passion, and freedom.

Self-doubt disappears in the presence of her new aunt and uncle. Cassie discovers the love of a BDSM family, all of which are equally happy to put her across the knee for a humiliating, bare bottom spanking as they are to spoil her with stuffies and ice-cream sundaes. The more she releases her Little to them, the greater the joy and freedom she receives.

She has only one concern. Will the magic spell of Graye Manor disappear after they return home? There she must face the likelihood that both her Little space and her men will be shared with the other Little girl. Is her Little ready for such a Big step?


“What are you going to do?” Her shaking was visible from across the room. In three steps, Bryon was by her side and released the handcuff. He leaned over and spoke hoarsely into her ear with words that made her shiver.

“I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop, and then fuck you some more. I’m making a claim on your body as my submissive.”

Cassie’s mouth hung open. It took a moment to find her words to the shocking statement. “We don’t have a sexual relationship, Bryon. I mean, there was that one time, but …”

“You were blindfolded and only got to feel my mouth, nothing else. Regarding a sexual relationship, as a Daddy and a Little, no—we don’t. But both Rob and I believe it’s necessary that you know exactly who you belong to.” He hauled her to her feet and, in a blink, ripped the shirt from her body.

Rough sex was something she enjoyed, but Rob had been her only partner. “You can’t do this,” she protested as he returned the handcuffs to both her wrists. “If Krissy finds out, she’ll walk out on you.”

“That’s been taken care of. Rob?”

“If you want to claim her, start with her mouth.”





END ZONE- Coming soon!


END ZONE is nearing completion! Finally, after all the nagging I’ve been getting to complete the GAME PLAN series, I caved. Wait until you see where Cassie and the gang end up. Here’s sneak peek- Can you guess where they might be and how many spankings and other delight Cassie will receive?


“It’s going to hurt to sit if you stick that little tongue out at me again,” he warned, wagging his finger.

“You and Merry do it all the time. I see it.”

“Auntie Merry is also my little sister. And no talking back.”

“You talk back to Uncle Dorian all the time, too.”

“You’re quite the little smart ass, aren’t you?” The big man placed his hands on the ground and leaned back. Cassie raised her right eyebrow. He was baiting her, but why? She decided to bite.

“It’s better than being a dumb-ass.”

“Are you calling me a dumb-ass?” Elia asked, rising to his feet and brushing the dirt from his hands.

“I didn’t call you anything. I merely responded to what you called me,” she said saucily, once again lining up a path to escape. If there was one thing she had learned while living in a house full of football players, it was how to do a quarterback sneak. “Oh, shit! They found me!”

Elias turned his head in the direction she was pointing and Cassie raced off like a bat out of hell.


There is going to be a fourthbook!  TOUCHDOWN! 

That being said, I’ve been channeling Cassie a lot lately, and poor John is spending even more time banging his head against the wall. Needless to say, I’ve been constantly finding myself in hot water but I can’t stop!

For those of you who don’t follow me on FB- this is a recent post…
After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that my misbehavior and sassing back is conducive to my dommy husband’s health and well being. Therefore, my butt should NOT suffer the consequences of said misbehaviors.
Case in point-
1. Chasing me around the house enhances his cardio/respiratory health and increases his lifespan. That’s a good thing, right?
2. Debating with me, even though I’m always right, stimulates his brain and reduces the risk of DOMentia. (Sorry, couldn’t help it)
3. Any and all pranks at his expense are effective in maintaining his vigilance and sharpens his senses. In particular, such pranks that involve hiding creepy music boxes under the bed and pretending I don’t hear them go off in the middle of the night, evaluates his hearing levels. This is essential for his profession as a musician.
4. Stealing his favorite chocolate not only assists with his nutritional health, but also makes me horny… and we all know how effective sex is for increasing the strength of your immunity system.
6. And finally- making him laugh whenever I try to talk him out of any of the above keeps the old man alive, kicking and forever on his toes.

In conclusion- I strongly believe that any and all of the above behaviors, antics, and other such activities have a positive viable effect and should be considered null, void and paddle free!

Who’s with me?!

Christmas Tree Shopping



Now, why would I say such a thing? Okay, my friends—close your eyes for a moment and imagine acres upon acres of a Christmas tree farm.  It’s a rainy day mid-week the roads are quiet, the sky is gray. Towering pines are trimmed to perfection, an icy breeze whips through your hair and brings a fine mist of wetness, and the ground littered with broken, fragrant branches-

And switches. Lots and lots of switches.

There is privacy. TOO much privacy.

BAD combination for a little sub who is already sporting a tender bottom because she underwent another evening with Mr. Meanie AKA Sir Butthead (shhh). Can you tell the Bree isn’t happy? Well, I was less happy when he whispered in my ear.

Bend over. All the way.

I argued- we were ‘in public’ (as far as I was concerned). Okay- NO ONE was seen or could see us, but still…a squirrel? Stray cat? Something to rescue me from that nasty ass thing he was swinging in his hand?

Bend over, he repeated.

Oh, dear Lord…I will tell you something seriously. Switches in the cold HURT!  Even more, switches on a cold, wet bb!

For now on, Christmas tree shopping in a lot at the Home Depot for this sub!

At least HE’s happy. Humprf.



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Around the Couch in 80 Seconds



Please tell me this—will I ever learn? Probably not, but there are times (like now) that I wish I would!

Sooo, for those of you who don’t know me, I have a big mouth.

-I don’t usually need to get the last word (because I get easily distracted and forget what was being said)

-I don’t have screaming fits (unless you touch my candeeee- then it’s war)

-I don’t need to talk over anyone (unless I’m standing on a ladder and trying to climb out a window because I’m being chased and I am crying for help).

No, it’s far worse than that. My big mouth is used for when I:

-Try to use his (John’s) words to work in my favor.

-Inform him that ambiguity in a statement favors the one not stating it; hence, he can’t spank me for that particular rule

-Think he’s not reading my smart a** blog posts and I say something stupid like “haha, I’m not a’scared of you.”

Truthfully, I’m NOT “a’scared” of John. John is a big, old pussy cat marshmallow man with a heart of gold. No, I’m not a’scared of John in the least. My bottom is.

Yeah, so he chased me down. I am beginning to think he does that on purpose to wear me out. He then had a good old time going caveman on my butt for those comments as well as the sweet endearments of ‘bite me’ to my sub sister. Personally, I don’t think that’s fair because:

  1. It was said lovingly
  2. I love being bitten
  3. After rubbing on some cotton candy flavored lotion, I taste really good and just wanted to share.

I mean, really?




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