Dare To Defy-Now Available! Beware: So Hot it will melt your Kindle!

So, so, soooooo excited that Dare to Defy will be available for purchase today! This is such a great book. So hot, (of course you would expect nothing less from Bree) but also a little different. It is fantasy with magic and kings and princesses, and warriors, and dragons, and gods, and oh yea, spankings. Lots and lots of spankings. And did I mention it is hot? So keep checking Amazon today for it’s release and of course it will soon be available at other outlets such as B&N, and Blushing Books.
Dare To Defy
Daynel has always chafed at the role she is expected to play as the
princess of the Northern Kingdom, preferring to train as a warrior
like her brothers, and she is far from prepared to meekly submit when
she learns that she is to be given in marriage to the prince of the
Southern Kingdom. Her unwillingness to be a footstool for an arrogant
prince quickly becomes the least of her worries, however, when a
priestess of the ancient dragon gods informs Daynel that her betrothed
has dark and terrible designs for her and for the world… and that only
she can save her people.Forced to flee for her life, Daynel discovers that the gods have plans
for her and for the powerful magic she suddenly finds herself capable
of wielding. Defying the will of the gods can have painful
consequences, and after Daynel encounters a huge, fearsome warrior by
the name of Draiken, the feisty princess soon learns that those
consequences can include a long, hard, bare bottom spanking… and that
is only the beginning.Draiken knows full well that with every passing day the forces of
darkness grow stronger and Daynel has not yet been taught to wield her
newfound powers properly. There is no time to lose and Draiken is more
than willing to do whatever must be done to train Daynel, whether she
likes it or not, even if that means she spends every waking moment
with blushing cheeks and a sore bottom.Publisher’s Note: Dare to Defy is an erotic novel that includes both
consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual
scenes, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material
offends you, please don’t buy this book.
Available Today

Do I DARE? YES!!!…….and A CONTEST!!!



Dare to Defy is DONE!! I sent it to the publisher last night. Oh man, put on your seat belts and grab hold, because this one will take you to a place you haven’t been with me yet! I can’t even begin to tell you all the yummy, naughty things hidden in this book. I have to say, though, it is probably the hottest one I have written so far!!! Even I had to take several breaks to cool off a bit. Poor SJ!!


Just a word of warning…. If you are the type who feels sorry for the villain and does not like the delivery of justice, don’t read this book! The villain is pure evil, and there are several violent and somewhat graphic scenes that will cause the readers to sit on the edge of their seat and wait for the final reckoning.


If you don’t like sex or spanking, well….. What can I say? LOL!!


Dare to Defy is pure fantasy, set in a time and place of old where hope was the source of magic and dragons were a source of hope…



Daynel, the princess of the northern kingdom, is informed that she is to marry Ethan, the prince of the south. When his cruel and evil nature is discovered, Daynel flees under the guidance of her brother, the crown prince and his wife, the High Priestess. They encourage her to have faith and trust that the gods will come to her aide, but Daynel believes only in herself and her sword. If it is not seen, it does not exist….

But what begins to happen in her dreams is very real… The sensations as a massive dragon warrior devours her body with lusty need… The depth of the bond they form while making love in the heavens… And the submission she offers while positioned under his mighty hand for discipline that leaves her both sobbing and aching for his touch…

She awakens each time and begins to long for him in the real world. Does he truly exist? Is he the one who is summoning her to join his battle against the Darkness?

When Ethan’s evil begins to claim the hearts of her subjects, Daynel turns to her last hope. Her dragon priest. He comes to her and claims her as his mate. His demands upon her body are great, yet she dares defy every instruction given, much to her bottom’s grief. But he is relentless as he urges her to reach for her power as the future High Priestess… Power that can only be captured through pain and absolute submission. Power that will set both her, and his, people free.


How she could feel every inch of the long, lean body of a darkly tanned man that pressed against the alabaster paleness of her own, the light and darkness blending into one as their limbs meshed together in sexual fervor. The man engulfed her mouth, tasting her as his rough hand slid boldly up the length of her thigh, hip and to the side of her breast. His fingers brushed over the pink nipple and the tiny nub jumped to attention as though startled awake following a long slumber. Her neck arched, inviting his lips to the delicate flesh of her throat. His long fingers grazed the tender skin, preparing it for his caress. A soft moan whispered from her throat as his mouth sucked her skin gently, slowing turning her body until his teeth sunk gently into the base of her neck. 

She arched her back like a cat, offering herself to a deeper bite and a claim of ownership.  Between her thighs, her wetness built and the scent of desire permeated the air. The man growled as he ran his long fingers along her moist slit and he plunged his tongue between her teeth, drinking her as before. He then suddenly pulled away, staring into her face from arms distance as he held her upper arms in his his grasp. Deep, violet eyes flashed with anger and Daynel released a loud plea through silent lips. Her body was effortlessly lifted and placed across solid thighs as big as tree trunks, and she felt her exposed posterior being hoisted up by the knee beneath her pelvis… Her body froze with anticipation as the mountainous man lifted his right palm high before descending into a vibrating clap as it flattened onto the snow-white peaks of her hindquarters. She lifted her head to cry out protest and a second slap was released, blanching the sweet underside of the gentle curve of her right cheek. The man’s lips moved as he again discharged a third, fourth and fifth iron-palmed swat upon the unprotected softness of her bottom. He appeared to be scolding her, but his words were unheard. 

Daynel held her breath, her chest tightening as she continued to struggle against him. His massive arms readjusted her across his lap, and pushed her head closer to the floor. His fingers probed the copious juices flowing from her body and slipped inside her. A smile broadened his face as her virgin muscles clutched hungrily to his thick digit, and he pressed deeper within her. Daynel lifted her bottom higher to allow his hand access to female treasures, and mewed as the tip of a finger began to circle lazily upon the tiny head of her swollen nub. 


And now for the contest! OK, so you don’t really need to do anything special to enter this contest. Just leave a comment. In comment, answer these questions:

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2. What is your favorite Breanna Hayse book?

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If you have a blog or facebook page and share this post on there, email Nikki for an extra entry. So one comment on blog and an extra entry for reposting on FB or Twitter, etc. We will randomly draw a winner and that lucky person will receive Dare To Defy (ebook) in whatever platform you want. If you do not want Dare, we are happy to substitute with any other Breanna Hayse book.


Saturday Spankings


Saturday Spankings


Hey peeps! Its that time of the week again…time for Sat Spanks and this week once again I am going to put an excerpt from Bree’s current work in progress-Dare To Defy.  Because this is such a hot book, and because I am on vacation and feeling really nice, Im gonna put a really, really, hot excerpt up. Hope you  love it!


After reading, please hop on over the the Sat Spanks blog site and enjoy the other blogs to see what your favorite authors are up to.


Dare To Defy

“My darling, as much as I love your body, you cannot always think that you can… distract… my… thoughts….” His voice groan as she knelt at his feet and ran her hands up the inside of his thighs and then around to cup his firm buttocks in her hands.

“I do not think… I know,” she grinned playfully, tugging at his stays.  He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet.

“You have mischief in your eyes, beloved. This is neither the time nor the place to defy me.”

“When it comes to your body, I dare defy you every moment I have opportunity,” Ilesbet grinned, running her lips against the left side of his neck.

“Ilesbet, no.  Not now. Woman! Stop this,” Günter demanded as she rolled her palms under his vest and ran the pads of her thumbs over his chest, pausing to tempt his nipples.

Ilesbet raised her eyebrow, a smirk on her face. “No,” she said simply.

“It has been too long since I had to force discipline upon you, wife. Obey me!” came the order, which was promptly ignored as she unlaced his shirt and pressed her lips to the center of his chest.

With a throaty growl, Günter snatched Ilesbet’s wrists in his large hands and pulled her arms high in the air, making her to stand upon her toes before him. Her breasts quivered as they were stretched, begging for attention. His eyes roamed over her voluptuous curves, remembering the pleasure every soft inch brought to his bed. But she was being deliberately disobedience, challenging him in a way she had not done since the birth of their first son.  He had forgotten her demands of the past. Demands for pain, as well as pleasure.

Ilesbet’s eyes met his, daring him to proceed. A fire rose within them, tempting his warrior spirit. He rose her higher, easily lifting her from the ground by her wrists.

“You wish pain today, my love. It has been many years since you have brought this upon yourself. Do you wish to tell me your reason?”

“I need no reason for my desire. The children no longer require a nursemaid and I may return to the longings of my youth. I trust you not to harm me,” Ilesbet said huskily, the strain in her shoulders sending waves of sensation through the length of her body. “Please. Give me what I need.”

Günter stared at her for a moment and then silently released her, settling her bare feet upon the cold ground. “Prepare yourself. We will leave for the thicket shortly.”

Ilesbet wobbled, her excitement growing as she anticipated the long awaited event in the hidden thicket. He had last taken her there for discipline after she had overly indulged in sacramental wine and had displayed herself in a manner that displeased him greatly. That was well over fifteen years passed. She reached for a cape to cover her naked body, determined to find a way to lightly raise his ire and help distract both of them from the grim situation. Her ploy worked. Gunther’s frown deepened when he realized that she had failed to dress properly or show any concern for her plight. She responded by simply lifting her chin higher and tilting her head.

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Saturday Spankings-OMG This is a HOT ONE!!!

Saturday Spankings

OK Nikki Here. Now I am gonna do something that I don’t actually have permission for…I’m gonna put the book, Dare To Defy, on here even though it is a very rough work in progress. But sista! (and brotha) it is ducking hot! So….Keep in mind. The publisher has not yet read this. Its truly and infant in the publishing process. But its still amazing. So hold onto your panties and get ready for a fun ass ride! And while you are at it, pray for me. Cause I forgot my liceense the other day and had to come home for it and so it is a book entry. Pray please that daddy is nice to me.


Oh and after you read the excerpt, head on over to the saturday spankings blog to check out the awesome blogs


Dare To Defy

An amazingly hot ass book.


“Must you always fight to win a battle, little one? You are already in severe trouble as it stands.”

“You taught me to never face a battle that I intend to lose. Why start now?” Daynel spat back, pouring herself a goblet of wine and downing the contents in one gulp. “I must know. Will you be true to your promise to claim me should this Ethan be any less than you expect?”

“I promise to claim you should I believe you to be in a danger. Do not twist my words. Now, we have your punishment to attend to, so cease delaying me. Remove your gown.”

“Why?” Daynel’s eyes widened as he slowly unlaced his wide leather belt from around his waist.

“You know why. You shall not be sitting without discomfort for a day or two. Do as I say.”

“That… that is a child’s punishment, Günter! I will not submit to it!”

“I have not laid a hand upon your backend in many years. To both of our sorrow. Obey me, lest I anger.”

Daynel stared at him, the seriousness in his dark blue eyes clearly seen. Trembling, she slipped out of her gown and stood before him in her cotton underskirts and chemise. He pointed to the edge of the bed,

“Lift up your skirts and lean across. Do not give me reason to remove your small clothes as well.”

He watched Daynel gulp back tears and she reluctantly obeyed him, her tiny round bottom raised for her discipline.


OK So just so you know, this is probably the tamest excerpt you could read. There is much more that is freaking hot. But I need to limit it because, like I said. I don’t have permission. 🙂


Love Nikki

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