Subbies say the Darndest Things



Hello lovelies,

I was going to continue my post from last time and include females that should be spanked in 2015 but, I  was thinking about all the excuses I have heard over the years from subbies regarding having their punishment books turned in on time. Here are some of my favorites and yes, I have really heard these at one time or another:

  1. I was abducted by aliens.
  2. I thought we were done with that?
  3. I did not want to depress you.
  4. Someone broke in last night and stole my book!
  5. What book?
  6. I had a blister on my finger and could not write.
  7. I don’t want to.
  8. My computer exploded.
  9. I was caught in a tornado…(She lived in California)
  10. I thought it was subbie no book week.
  11. Was that due today?
  12. I think I have malaria.
  13. Why are you so mean?
And my favorite…My dog ate it, lol.
Yes you are all creative but crazy. Thanks for being that way!
Be good, or else…

9 thoughts on “Subbies say the Darndest Things

  1. Seriously you cute little subbie’s, all you need to say is that you’ve gone to church and have already confessed all your sins for the wk, and told you were forgiven. So the list is completely clean and there is no need to produce a book thank you very much lol! P. S I love the abducted by aliens and not wanting to depress you, that made me laugh.

  2. Pretty sure #2 is legit if you haven’t sent one for a couple weeks and he never says Anything about it till week 3……hmmmmmm

  3. I actually had to write and send a note with my son to school, along with his chewed up homework where our beagle puppy got a hold of it. His teacher did get a kick out of it, because it was true. So the dog ate it might have happened……just saying!! LOL

  4. Loved them it never hurts to try. Thoe are very creative that should have worked in there favor thanks for the giggles..but i didnt feel well and you did want me to feel wors.

  5. i think i may have used a couple of these! Then the “I completely forgot”. And “I was a perfect angel and no need to write anything down”

  6. The one who said “I did not want to depress you” sounds like she had your best interest in mind . . . did it work? Thank you for the morning smiles Sir John!

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