So Many Questions

SO many questions are coming this way about the family belonging to MOVING A LITTLE HEART!
How would you like to interview the characters? Drop your questions here or email me at, and let’s see what the boys and Little Baylor have to say about their lives and each other.
It could turn into quite the show down…. LOL!

2 thoughts on “So Many Questions

  1. Baylor, what made you trust them to help you move? I know they were persistent, but at some point you gave in. What do you love differently about your daddies? Are they stricter than your uncle? Do you ever think your brother would spank you when deserved?

  2. Baylor, what is your favorite part about being Little? Do you think you would feel the same way without there being 5 men around fulfilling different rolls? Who spanks the hardest?

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