Small Town Sass

    Just Released!  Small Town Sass….

The Nikki in Small Town Sass is a REAL person… And not our Nikki… In fact you guys know her as SassyChassy! She won the contest in December for a personalized novella, and this is HER story!


Nikki Coolridge has inherited an herbal remedy shop by the name of Lotions and Potions in the tiny artist colony of Chassy, Indiana, where she has lived since being taken in at the age of twelve and raised like a daughter by the store’s former owner, a woman she came to call Grams.

Just as she is settling in to her new situation, a bigshot from Chicago by the name of Jeffrey Chassy rolls into town with plans to make the beautiful, quaint town into a tourist trap. His presence is made even more infuriating by the fact that he is Grams’ grandson and that her will apparently appoints him trustee over Lotions and Potions. Nikki gives him plenty of small town sass as she challenges every effort he makes to bring about “improvements” to her shop.

Jeff is both fascinated and annoyed by the feisty young lady’s spunk. Since she wants the old-fashioned feel to remain in her beloved town, Jeff decides to deal with her attitude in the old-fashioned way—with a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking over his knee!

Nikki finds herself both appalled and drawn to this man, but will she be able to come to terms with his firm-handed discipline?


So skip on over to Amazon to pick up your copy. It is only .99!

3 thoughts on “Small Town Sass

  1. Sassy and I had such a great time working it through and discovering all the little things that make her and Jeff so unique to one another. Because the premise was soooo cute, I couldn’t stop at the alloted number of pages that accounted for a short story. Soooo we got ourselves a novella! I think more writers should allow the fans to inspire us like this. Plus, we get a chance to make some real, genuine friends. It is awesome!

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