Saturday Spanks!


Saturday Spankings

It’s the most wonderful time, of the week. Once again, time for your Saturday spanking! So take a gander at this weeks offering and then take a trip over to the Saturday Spankings blogspot so you can visit the rest of the crazy Saturday Spankees.


So this week we are bringing you  Serendipity Ranch.


Serendipity Ranch



Local architect Serendipity Nicole Mitchell has the gumption to go head to head with Wyoming rancher and millionaire, Preston Riley, who has hired her to construct his new home… based on a design provided by his ten year old niece. Serena has her opinions—about the design, the livestock, and her new employer.

Needless to say, she does not hesitate to make her opinions known. Preston’s an old hand in dealing with unruly creatures, so it does not take long for him to follow one of his infamous ‘hunches’ and corral the stubborn little filly. Preston is determined to teach Serena that he means business—especially when both business and pleasure are concerned.


The sound of her crying mixed with the sound of bare hand meeting bare bottom. She felt the unbearable heat radiating from her rear end and reached back again in a feeble attempt to block him. Preston snatched her wrist in his large left hand and pinned her arm to her side as he continued, wanting to ensure that she would feel this punishment long after it had been doled out. Serena struggled frantically, screaming curses, threats and insults in an attempt to gain a sense of control, but knew that she had completely lost the battle of wills. She finally melted, sobbing into his legs, and stammered out her apologies dotted with promises to be a good girl and obey him.

“I’m sorry!” she yelped, crying harder. Her pride was gone.

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16 thoughts on “Saturday Spanks!

  1. Gigi, The Maze is awesome. It sort of reminds me a tiny little bit of The Hunger Games. Just a tad. Read it, you wont regret it.

    Love Nikki

  2. I have enjoyed Serendipity Ranch each time I’ve read it. I sort of miss having a book with pages that get worn. You know, the type that open to favorite scenes with no effort? Kindles don’t do that for you.
    Any chance you could convince me to buy The Maze? I’ve read the rest of your books that are on Amazon, don’t know why I’m reluctant to read that one.
    Have a good week.

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