Saturday Spanks

Saturday Spankings


Once again this week we are bringing to you Slylar’s Guardians for Sat Spanks. Such a great, sexy story. Has a bit of everything for all tastes. So enjoy the excerpt and then when your done, head on over to the Sat Spanks blog to check out the other great offerings. And as always, happy Saturday!



“Stop it! What are you doing?” Skylar smacked at his hand.

Tralec’s eyes darkened. “Do not strike me in front of my peers, Skylar. I am showing them your bottom and what makes you cry.”

“Please, don’t embarrass me like this.”

“Stop it, Skylar,” Tralec ordered, gesturing to Leeza to return her to his arms.

“Daddy, I’m begging you. Please don’t… nooo…” Skylar hid her face in humiliation as Tralec easily rested her across his knees, lifted the back of her dress, and skimmed her panties down past her knees.

Ooohhs and ahhhs echoed through the chambers, and Skylar groaned as she felt hands gently touching her still very red and very tender backside. Her humiliation rose as he forced her legs open and demonstrated that she was equipped, naturally, with two entryways between her blistered cheeks.


We hope you enjoyed the excerpt. If you would like to purchase this book, you can at the following stores.


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13 thoughts on “Saturday Spanks

  1. I’m with Helen on this one, but their aliens, and from the books they’ve read they think this is the way Skylar needs to be handled. Poor thing. All the same, I’m really looking forward to reading this book. Great snippet, Breanna.

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