Saturday Spankings!

Saturday Spankings

Wow! Week four of Saturday Spankings! After you check out this hot excerpt, click on over to the Saturday Spankings blog to visit the other authors with great excerpts for your Saturday spanking enjoyment.


How about this? It”s an an excerpt from Lost & Found.

Lost and Found

Lance Callahan, MD, is known to his hospital staff as a man with a heart of gold. When a young woman is brought in with a gunshot wound and severe post-traumatic amnesia, Lance is just the man to care for her. No one knows who she is, where she’s from, or why she was left to perish in the unforgiving desert. Even her name, Noelle, is known to Lance only from an inscription on a necklace found in her pocket.

In his effort to help Noelle, Lance determines that due to the trauma she has suffered, the young woman requires retraining to become age-appropriate in all of her activities. Her little girl persona further shocks him when she suddenly claims him as her “Daddy.”

With nowhere else for her to go, Lance turns to his close-knit family for help, and Noelle suddenly finds herself with a new aunt and two new uncles, along with more love than she can handle. She quickly learns that there are some very specific rules in the Callahan home, for both Daddy’s little girl and Lance’s big girl, and that the consequences for breaking the rules include a very red and sore bottom!

Questions remain about Noelle’s past, and as the mystery of her origins slowly unravels, it becomes clear that Noelle has a very special secret of her own… a secret that could tear apart everything she’s learned to love, including the joy of being lost and then found by a man who’s given his heart to her.



(This passage occurs between Alan, Lance’s older brother and his wife. Alan has had enough of her attitude!)

Alan stood, “Come to me, Margaret.”
Maggie obeyed, trembling as she stood in front of her tall, well-muscled husband. He lifted her chin to face him.
“I love you. I want you to be all you were meant to be, and a mean-spirited, rude brat is not who you are. Bring me the strap.”
Maggie felt tears coming as she walked into the large closet and pulled the antique leather razor strap off the hook on the far wall. She picked up the bottle of oil and the soft cloth and handed it all to him.
“Oil it, Margart,” he ordered, arms crossed.

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  1. Ok….. I snipped my snippet and sniped it here. I was so tired from my apple biting that I had already sniped a snippet from Reformer… below…. so you guys are getting snippets galore. Now all I need to do is to learn how to twat when I’m tweeted.

  2. Ooh, a doctor with a heart of gold who spanks. I need to find this book. Thanks for sharing, Breanna. Can’t wait to read more.

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