Saturday Spankings with Dare To Defy


Saturday Spankings

This week we are featuring Dare To Defy for Sat Spanks since it’s such a great book. Very hot and featured in USA Today. So check it out and get your very own copy at the usual places. Amazon, Blushing Books, Barnes & Noble, etc. Try the first chapter, guarantee you will be hooked!


After you read the excerpt, go to the Saturday Spankings Blog and check out the other great authors featured. So many hot stories to sample, you will need a cold shower!



“Your skin glows like a warm ember in this light, my love. You are beautiful to behold.”

Invisible gags made her ability to respond impossible. Daynel watched him approach her, his palms held inches from her skin. Without touching her body, she could almost feel the warmth of his hands upon her.  Was heat emanating from him or was that her imagination? Her nipples hardened and tingled under his gaze as he swept his palms slowly along the length of her body, still not touching. As he did this, the invisible hands made themselves busy with stroking beneath her, focusing on her buttocks and the delicate crease that protected her most private entryway. Daynel gasped as the sensation of a finger slid into her bottom hole.


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  1. Great snippet. I bought Dare to Defy and it looks really yummy. BTW, I’ve added you to the Sat Spanks List. Sorry your link didn’t go through the first time, but it’s there now!

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