Saturday Spankings…Whips and Canes…

Saturday Spankings


This week for Saturday Spankings, we decided to give you a glimpse at the current work in progress. It’s almost finished. Hopefully will be ready for publication within the next few weeks. Hold onto your hats. This one is so sizzling hot! And different. Your gonna be blushing for sure! After you read the excerpt, head on over to the Saturday Spankings Blog and check out the other excerpts from the awesome authors. And enjoy your Saturday!


Whips And Canes…

She was bent over a rounded bench that was mounted on a flat table. With her knees spread wide apart and strapped in place, and her ankles secured to hooks on the table’s edge, she had no means to protect her fully exposed pussy and outstretched bottom-hole. Her bound wrists were tied to a post in front of her, forcing her ample breasts to dangle helplessly. Her faceless tormentor refused to blindfold her, wanting her to see and anticipate every move he made. Nor was she gagged, for he loved to hear her beg and scream. He knew, as did she, that her pleading was to urge him to continue and her cries were ones of delight. Even her tears, when shed, signaled her satisfaction.

A crowd of strangers stood around her, watching and waiting in eager anticipation to see what the Master would impose upon her body. A hush fell as he approached her, a handful of alligator clips in his palm.

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17 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings…Whips and Canes…

  1. ahhh sighs. I loved as you described how she was bound, but then to get into what the Master wanted, her sounds, her tears, and alligator clips and an audience? absolutely gorgeous 🙂

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