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The Siren ~ Generals Daughter Book One


Welcome! It’s time for Saturday Spankings Blog Hop. This week my excerpt is from The Siren: Generals Daughter Book 1. This is the story of a young woman, Lt. Samantha Quimby, who not only is known as the youngest known special ops officer, she is also amphibious due to an accident during a dive. Her father and her uncle are both generals in the USMC and her big brother is also an officer. With all of these military men around keeping her out of trouble, there are lots of old fashioned, bare bottomed spankings going on.

The Siren: Generals Daughter Book 1


“Please Daddy, don’t! I’m sorry! I promise, I won’t say it again. I’m already so

sore!” she begged, hugging a nearby pillow to her chest.

“I gave you an order. Now!”

Tears fell freely as she pressed her stomach across the back of his couch. She

cried into her hands as she heard the belt being removed from the loops, the jingling of

the buckle in his hand. Without hesitation, the man tugged her loose sweats and panties

down to her knees. He was momentarily surprised by the number of small dark bruises

noticeable at the lower portion of the small globes.

“I will not,” he said, sending the thick belt loudly across the bruised flesh, hearing

her cry out, “put up with swearing—” WHACK, “rudeness—” WHACK, “or blatant

disobedience.” WHACK WHACK WHACK. “You will remember what I said this time,

won’t you?”

“Yes, Sir, Daddy,” his daughter sobbed as the strap landed across the tops of her

thighs as she struggled to avoid the blows.


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13 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings…

  1. Wonderful description in this snippet!

    I didn’t know what you meant when you said she was amphibious after an accident…? Like a mermaid-y/shapeshifty thing or like a military thing?

  2. I loved this story. I remember while reading it feeling sorry for Sam in a way. Being surrounded by a Father and Uncle and a Brother. All of which find probable cause for spanking her at some point.
    Great snippet Breanna!

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