Saturday Spankings…

Saturday Spankings

Howdy Folks! It’s that time of the week again, time for some good ole spanking fun. I decided this week to bring back an oldie but a goody. Time Out: Game Plan Book 2. 

Time Out is the second book of The Game Plan series. It explores the unusual relationships of the whole Johnson family.

You’ll meet Krissy, Bryon’s sweet little girl, as she is introduced to the concept of age play and discovers herself in the process. Suzanne and Glenn are back, and Suzanne explores her own femininity and puts pride aside to face her fears and needs as a Domme. Of course, we can’t forget Rob and Cassie as they grow and indulge in their own D&S lifestyle. Worlds collide as Cassie and Krissy fight over Daddy Bryon, Bryon and Glenn fight over Suzanne, and Rob seems to be the only voice of reason that is heard.

There are more twists and turns, sizzling hot sex, and well-spanked bottoms than this quiet little suburb of Miami can handle!


Time Out

“Yes. I’m sorry to bother you. I don’t mean to sound presumptuous, but are you and Bry, uh, involved?” 

“Be specific.” 

“Are you actually dating or just having sex?” Glenn asked bluntly, looking into her beautiful grey cat-like eyes. The same eyes that narrowed disapprovingly at his question. 

“That’s a very personal question coming from a little boy, don’t you think?” Suzanne asked, testing the waters. Glenn blushed, looking down. 

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” 

“No, I will not forgive you. I told you to be specific, and you were. However, why would a little boy be interested in such a grown-up thing, hmm?” 

“I’m not a little boy. I’m an adult.” Glenn flushed, unable to budge from his spot in front of her. 

Suzanne reached across to lift his chin to look into her face. She smiled seductively. “You are such a sweet little boy. One that’s trapped in the beautiful body of a very attractive young man. Are you interested in older women, son?” 

“I, uh, I didn’t think so until…” 

He was so nervous! Suzanne found that trait instantly appealing. Over-confident and arrogant little boys annoyed her to no-end. “Until you met me?” she finished his sentence, watching his blush rise to his face. “I see. You do realize that there is a price for the privilege of being involved with me, even casually, right?” 

“A price?” Glenn felt his cock twitch uncomfortably against his jeans. She was stunningly beautiful, graceful and had power emanating from her very pores. He was smitten! He wondered how it would feel to have those long, strong legs wrapped tightly around his waist as he plunged his cock deep inside of her… 

“Excuse me, are you listening to me?” Suzanne asked, noticing him drifting off into his daydream. Glenn flushed again. 

“Um, I’m sorry. I had a brain fart.” 

“Stand up and follow me,” Suzanne ordered, rising to her feet. Even in flats, she was two inches taller than he was. She held out her hand, which he took without question. “If you would pardon me, gentlemen, but your baby brother and I need to have a talk. Do you mind if I use your room?” she asked Rob. 

“Go for it. Have fun!” he nodded with a grin. 

Bryon elbowed his brother. “You caught that look, too. I have a feeling that Glenn is about to be introduced to something special, other than Suzanne’s very talented mouth,” Bryon snickered. 

You can purchase your copy at the following places:


Blushing Books


Hope you enjoyed! Remember to head on over to Saturday Spankings Blog to visit all of the other awesome authors.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings…

  1. I love reading snippets of your books on Saturday Spankings. I’ve just bought Guardian Domination and am looking forward to reading that. Strangely enough, Amazon suggested I buy long red satin gloves as well!!! LOL.

    I’ve actually pondered taking part in Saturday Spankings myself, but I’m too dim to work out how to do it. I was confused over the times for putting the lines onto your blog (if I’m right it’s only a two-hour time slot which would be early Saturday morning UK time) and I also can’t work out how you link your post to the Saturday Spankings thingie when you haven’t actually posted it to your blog yet! I’m sure James and Korey think I’m lazy, not making full use of all the online resources like that, but I really don’t have a clue. I can manage so much on my blog, but I need to enlist Korey’s help every time I have a new book published as I get that wrong too. And as for trying to link my blog to Amazon! I give up.

    Really enjoyed the short snippet of your book. Am off out into the garden now with my Kindle, Guardian Domination and a glass of wine x

  2. Ooh, looks like Suzanne has got Glenn’s full measure, and he’s eager to be taught by her. Great snippet.

    P.S. – Did you notice you were placed on the tardy board? I believe Mistress Blake intends to have a word with Sir J about your post being late for bed check. Hope you don’t get in too much trouble.

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