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Hello everyone, this week we decided to resurrect an oldie but a goodie. The Reformer. We hope you enjoy the excerpt. After you are finished reading, please head over to the Sat Spanks blog to check out the other awesome authors. And, have a wonderful day.


The Reformer

Since the day she arrived in England as a refugee from her Russian homeland, Aryanna has been caught in a system of abuse and corruption. She is eventually sent to an academy for troubled young women, where she quickly falls foul of the harsh and mean-spirited headmistress. When Aryanna hears that as a last resort she is to be sent to the home of a reformer for training, she is terrified. According to everything she has been told, they are men to be feared.

Lord Ryan Remington, a second generation reformer and a modern-minded man by the standards of 1906, is deeply moved when he learns of the abuse that the sweet and kind-hearted Aryanna has suffered, and Aryanna soon discovers that reformation is not exactly what she expected. As Lord Ryan’s nurturing strength—and occasional bare bottom spankings—bring her to a place of comfort and happiness, she begins to have much deeper feelings for her reformer.

Meanwhile, Aryanna’s previous abuse by Headmistress Eliza Woods is brought to the attention of Ryan’s parents, the Lord Gerald Remington and his feisty wife Brigit. They are determined to alter the direction of the academy which is funded by their patronage, and Eliza finds herself required to submit to them for reform. Her stubborn and arrogant attitude forces Gerard to take Eliza back to the beginning so that she might be reshaped. To her horror, she is dressed in a child’s clothes, spanked, and sent to bed in a nursery! And that is just the beginning…



Aryanna suppressed a cry as the carriage launched off the ground after striking a rough portion of road. She clutched the side of the seat, disorientated as her eyes focused on the austere man seated across from her. She attempted to rise and froze as he pointed to her.

“Stay there, Aryanna,” he ordered firmly. Seeing her eyes begin to tear, he reached over and touched her arm, “Good, Ary. Shhh. I’ll take care of you, dove. I won’t let anyone harm you again. I promise. Look,” he blew loudly around her, chasing away the “ghosts” and then wiping his hands with a look of satisfaction. Aryanna wrinkled her brow, confused by his gentleness. Reformers were said to be monsters, men who made the brutality of the headmistress appear like play. Perhaps this really was not her reformer? Was he taking her to the one who would change and mold her? Aryanna drew back from his touch, unwilling to accept the possibility that this sweet, gentle man would throw her to the wolf. But then, she did not have reason to trust any of these people who treated her as though she were less than a person


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  1. This sounds like a book I’d enjoy reading a lot. I think I purchased it, but I’ll check. I keep looking at the girl on the cover and think she looks like she’s about fifteen years old, innocent and afraid. She’s clinging to the man as if she fears anything coming between them. I always thought the child needed to be well-taken care of and loved. Enjoyed your snippet, Breanna. Thanks for sharing.

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