Raptor Raptor Rap

Hello Lovelies,

Bree is back to building up her tolerance and whining about it daily, lol. We also have some new citizens at Jurassic Hayse….cockatiels. We are hand-feeding/weening them and keeping one for Bree. The little baby looks just like baby blue from Jurassic Park! Last night Princess went up to the cage and the baby did the raptor hiss. She figured it was hungry (or something) and went straight into Border therapy/Nanny mode. It totally freaked her out and she needs to make all better, lol. Anyway, things are crazy as usual but wouldn’t it be boring to be normal?

Be good or else,


Oh, Yeah! Did you guys see that my beautiful wife started an art therapy blog?  She’s already sold most of her paintings AND is under commission to make more!!! She’s blowing me away (as always)!

2 thoughts on “Raptor Raptor Rap

  1. Ohh what a cutie raptor birdie I love hearing about all your animals and naughty things Bree gets up to and how sir John handles things in the Hayse house hold hugs and luvs Amy

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