Punishment Over, All is Well



Hey Peeps,

Bree here. Before I go into any details about the horrid punishment I just endured, I wanted to let you guys know that Nikkers is on her way back to her mom’s because her grandfather passed away unexpectedly.  Please sen her lots of loves.. The poor thing has had so many things to deal with recently. We don’t know how long she’s gonna be gone, but I’m gonna miss her.


So today was the dreaded day of comeuppance post-wallet. SJ has been playing with my mind so badly that I was a shaking mess by the time he ordered me into the punishment room, in position.  For those of you who don’t know what that means, it is simply the most humiliating and frightening thing a sub can do.  On the hands and knees, bare bottom high in the air, hands clasped in front and waiting Lord know who long for the moment at hand.

It seemed like forever and, for someone who doesn’t cry that easily, I found myself already there. I don’t know why I was so scared… it’s not like it’s been the first time he has punished me, but this time seemed… different.  He’s gotten far sterner since he’s started training his other subs and holding me more accountable.. Maybe that? I don’t know. Not that it mattered. I was dead meat. Or, at least, knew my bottom would feel like it.

When he finally came in, the first thing he did was place a cane between my cheeks and make me hold it in place! OMG, that usually preceded a caning and it took all my strength not to disobey and drop it. He left again, me alone with that horrid implement hovering over me. You know how minutes seem like hours? Yeah, he played his time card well…..

He returned and the lecture began. Forgetting my wallet… my driver’s license… in our area could easily mean jail if the cop stopping us is in a mood. SJ was right. I could not rely on my cuteness to get me out of trouble if one had a particular bug up his/her butt. And then it began….

He started with his hand. I don;t know when the skin of his palm had become solid oak, but it sure felt like it. I couldn’t stay in position and ended up OTK and being spanked like he was trying to spark a flame. It sure felt like it. Tears had already started which, like I said, are unusual for me. But then the worse happened…

He brought out the STRAP. It’s not a belt. It is a folded heavy leather, 2.5 inch wide beveled instrument complete with a custom carved handle. I swear, I thought the thing was wood when it swiped my bare bottom the first time! I used to love the strap… mainly because he rarely uses it for punishment. Not anymore.

I lost count as to how many times that thing burned across my bottom. The sting was so much, coupled with his disappointment, that I lost all composure. Yeah, he got tears. I swear, I will never forget my wallet again.

He held me afterwards, making me feel even more out of control. Do I love this lifestyle? Not at the moment, but in an hour or so, I will say yes. It’s done, over and he trusts me to not put myself in danger again. To have someone to care enough to take that time and energy is precious and even though I don’t tell him thanks enough, my sincere gratitude is there. Along with my love.


Luvs, Bree

6 thoughts on “Punishment Over, All is Well

  1. Bree,

    Glad it’s all behind you now. Read your new book today, reviewed on Amazon and Blushing 🙂 Great book!!!


    Sorry for you loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Bree,
    You must trust J so much. I can’t imagine taking that sort of punishment.
    Is it punishment or discipline or is there a difference? You sound so accepting of what he thinks you deserve. Did you build up to that over time. It doesn’t sound like punishment time was always so harsh. Does he expect more from you now because you’ve been together for so long? What happens if you don’t agree with him? Has that ever happened? Afterwards I mean, you never seem to agree with the punishment before you get it.
    If any of these questions are just none of my business, let me know my feelings won’t be hurt. I’m just amazed at the hurt you can endure.

    I’m sorry for your loss and will keep you in y thoughts and prayers. My sister died in August and I know losing someone you love is very painful.

  3. Honey, i’m so sorry for your pain, but glad it’s over now and all is right again. You are so brave!

    Nikki, you’re in my thougts and prayers.


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