So I see all of you are interested in two main subjects. I will talk about the first one in this blog post, and will address the second in my next post. So how is a sub supposed to act in public with her Dom? Well the simple answer my lovelies, is as he orders her too. But  as you have all seen in these posts, simple is not really the way of the D/s lifestyle.


First and foremost, the sub must never create any kind of public scene. How many times have you seen couples yelling at each other in a restaurant, or standing in line for a movie? In the D/s world this never happens. And if it does, it is up to the top to make sure it never happens a second time. You see, when you are out with your Dom you reflect all his training, anything positive, or negative. One of the most serious behaviors my sub can commit is to reflect badly on my training in public.


A Dom treasures his sub. When she is out with him, he wants to show her off. He wants the world to see how well behaved she is. How she speaks, how she walks, how she  sits at the table, all reflect back to the Dom. Now some Doms, myself included, may want a specific action from his sub. I have told Bre to make sure when we sit down at a restaurant or in the car, to have her bb touching the leather or cloth material .This is usually after a good spanking, as I believe a sub must be spanked before going out in public, to remind them of just how they are to behave.


Now the other side of the coin is the Dom must never mistreat his sub, or cause any negativity to befall her while he is out with her. This is a two-way street. A sub must always be treated with respect and kindness. A Dom must be a gentleman in the world. Hold doors open, speak softly, etc.. Just because she is out with a top, does not mean he can or should order her around and embarrass her. But, if misbehavior occurs it can be delt with in a couple of ways. A trip to the car for a bb brushing (I always keep a brush in the glove compartment just in case). Or he can just softly tell his submissive, “this will be taken care of as soon as we get home.” If the top has a vibe, these words will be enough to stop any bad behavior.


And the punishment for any public outburst is severe indeed, but thats another post.   So… Let me know what you think, and remember, some of you have been a bit lax in the respect department  WHEN POSTING. I do not want to see that again from any of you,       be good or else!




  1. My sub is required to sit BB anywhere we go, including in the car. She is to allow my hand anywhere that I want, without question. I stay discreet, but I expect her to dress sexy, with very little on underneath. She is only allowed to speak to me, unless given approval. She is expected to be classy, sexy, and a bit slutty. I treat her like a lady, in public, and she is required to always be at my side. I may require her to sit legs closed, or wide open. She is always in a dress that flows, and at times I will please her by bending over in a quite place, or let her give me a BJ. BTW, we only started this 4 months ago, and have been married 21 years. I only regret not doing this earlier.

  2. oh i was not upset a sub must be aware of how she says things not only what she says if you are astute you know my email and can send a proper apology

  3. I have some questions after reading your post. The first one is, are you still upset with me, Sir? Was it the principal comment that you thought was disrespectful? I don’t want to just make a blanket apology, I would prefer to know how I offended you and correct it.

  4. Thank you for the post Sir. Hopefully none of my posts were constued as disrepectful, they certainly were’nt meant to be. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. This is pretty much how I figured it would be expected for a sub to act in public with her Dom, but the spanking before going out took me by surprise but makes since. The “specific act” also sounding rather intriguing as well. Thanks for the info Sir John.

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