A Pink Surprise #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings

We’re back with Saturday Spankings this week and just in time to share another snippet of the upcoming release Dr. Daddy Dom. The sequel to Two Guardians for Little May will give a glimpse into Caine, Layton and little May’s life now that they have settled down as a trio. Can’t wait to reveal the cover and eagerly anticipating the release next week!



“I wanted to surprise you. I know you like me in pink,” she answered with a sweet smile.

“I do, almost as much as I like seeing your bottom turn pink under my hand. I’m serious when I’m asking you to stop arguing with Layton. I would much rather play spank you than discipline you, but you’re cruising. I can’t take this bickering right now.”

“He started. And tell him to shave. He’s scruffy and it hurts my face when he kisses me.”


Coming January 15th

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