Owwww for Hollywood

Hello lovelies,

This post is really just a question I have for all of you.

Which TV actress do you feel should have been spanked on the show and why?

I have my list, let’s see your’s…at least 5 TV shows.

Be good or else,


4 thoughts on “Owwww for Hollywood

  1. Brea you’ve been given an out! SJ has just admitted that doms get busy so it’s ok to forget things, I’d get your “forgetful” list ready lol! SJ you walked right into that one

  2. Well i dont watch much tv, but i would say all the women from the Real Housewives need a spanking, Rachel from Friends, Claire Dunphy from Modern Family, Jessica Pearson from Suits, and Amber from Sofia the First.

  3. Charlene Tilton, Dallas cos she was a brat
    Nellie Olsen, little house on the prairie coz she was every school bully
    Daise duke, coz I’d like to see her cousins spank someone
    Garcia, criminal minds, she was begging for it and Shemar Moore is hot
    John Hayse,, because he never writes regularly as promised

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