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Hello lovelies,

It was good to hear from all of you last week. I’m afraid my question this time will not be one you want to answer, or even think about. All Dom’s are sadistic (to different degrees and depending on different days) since I am in that zone right now, here is my question.

Yes, you have to answer, no running, and please keep the screaming to a minimum. In my current state I do love a subbie’s screams.

Switch or cane?

If you had to pick one or the other for a discipline session, which one?

Hey!!! Come back here, I didn’t say you were getting it now!!! I said IF you were.

Of course, these implements are for serious transgressions only, such as: texting and driving, public displays of bad behavior (rudeness, temper tantrums, etc.) and, speeding. Basically putting yourself or others at risk or displaying behavior in public that would embarrass your Dom.

So, for those of you still with me, which shall it be? A switching or a caning?

Be good, or else…


10 thoughts on “Oww & Oww

  1. First, your ideas of serious transgressions are different than my Daddys, and thank god because I speed and text and basically am a hooligan on the road.
    Second, cane all the way! I much prefer cane, because Im a heavy masochist who has a lot of experience with the cane!

  2. Cane every time. But the pain is intense hoping there is slight warm up and time between strokes.
    There has been a time or two I have seriously transgressed and just the thought of being a disappointment is bad enough.

  3. So glad I was on chat not skype knowing someone is in their sadistic zone. Being I’ve had a lot of experience with both lately I would rather have the cane. But trying hard not to earn either.

  4. If presented with this situation (never happening because I’m a good girl 🙂 )….I’d have to ask, and I cringe at this thought, if I could experience what each felt like before I decided. That way I could determine which implement really fit the bad behavior, Sir.

    Can I go hide in my reading nook with a cup of coffee now, lol. So, didn’t want to answer that… And like I said not gonna happen because I’m a good girl.

  5. I have never experienced either so I am not exactly qualified but if I had to pick I think a switch would be my choice since I have been told a cane is much worse.

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