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Happy happy Saturday! It has been an eventful week with the release of Moving a Little Heart and we couldn’t be more excited. Baylor and all her boys has had an amazing start all thanks to you. A special thanks to all those that have left reviews, it helps tremendously and we’re very appreciative of the effort. f you’re a fan of the spanks (and assuming you’re here so Yes!) don’t forget to visit the other spanking authors over at the Saturday Spankings blog.

Moving a Little Heart

Baylor Parish needs a fresh start. After a disastrous, loveless marriage and an emotionally neglected childhood, she packs her things and moves to a new house out in the desert, ostensibly to get away from it all and enjoy her freedom.

Unfortunately for her, the occupants of the house next door have other ideas.

As soon as Hayden Paterson spots her moving in, he takes over. Next she meets his stepbrother Jake, a cop who takes her safety far more seriously than Baylor does herself. The last thing Baylor wants is to get into another relationship, but the Paterson brothers rescue people for a living, and from the moment they clap eyes on her, they label the 23-year-old a damsel in distress. Not only do they do everything in their power to protect, nurture and guide her, but they also enlist the help of their longtime friends and housemates; Terry and Matt.

The Paterson boys come together to woo her to become a part of their unique family. To them, she is an adult little girl in need of the love, caring, nurturing—and yes, discipline—that only two ‘Daddies’ can provide. To the independent Baylor, the assumption that she is in dire need of ‘Daddycare’ seems not only strange, but completely opposed to the self-sufficiency she thought she wanted.

As well as her new Daddy Hayden and Daddy Jake, Baylor finds herself in the care of ‘Uncle’ Terry, a retired medic. He’s the burly, protective ‘house mom’ and ‘doctor’—who is not only thrilled to have a little girl to care for, but likes to take control of Baylor’s health in ways that she preferred he did not. Then there is Matt, the resident ‘hippie’, who quickly becomes Baylor’s adoring ‘big brother’ and helps her devise ways to get into mischief… a tendency which frequently lands her over the lap of one of her new daddies.

Basking in the loving embrace of these four men, Baylor’s inner child emerges, and under their sometimes stern, but always loving, care, she not only discovers her ability to play and laugh, she also begins to trust and feel loved. She also learns that a bottom bared for punishment can experience intense pleasure when used in ‘special’ ways by one—or both—of her two men.

Despite her happiness, Baylor continues to struggle with allowing herself to fully submit. Is this lifestyle, the one of a Little girl with two Daddies, an Uncle and a Big Brother, right for her? Will she be able to leave behind her loveless, uncaring past and allow her heart to be moved to permanently reside within the arms and home of these very special men?

From the best-selling pen of Breanna Hayse comes this, a unique, sweet and scorching hot tale of a lucky girl who finds four men to care for her in different ways; all of them loving. Moving A Little Heart contains age-play, spanking, medical play, ménage scenes, as well as polyamory. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book.

Baylor finds herself in hot water after neglecting her self care and lying…

“The issue now is that you deliberately lied to us. You,” he barked, his eyes drilling into her, “are going to learn your lesson right now, young lady! Come with me.”

“Oh, my God! No more! Please,” Baylor dug her heels into the carpet, resisting him. “I can’t take anymore.”

“I made a promise that I would not withhold my love, or my discipline, from you. It’s one thing when you forget your medication, it’s another when you lie and deceive.”

He unfastened his belt from around his waist and pulled it free from the loops with a swish. Then he folded it in half, the buckle jingling in his hand as he snatched her wrist and pulled her to the living room couch.



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