No Way, B*#$@

Hello Lovelies,

Ok believe it or not, this is not about spanking Bree. She has actually been very good, but she’s how can i put this…unique?

The other day while on our way home from our getaway, she decided she knew another way to get home even though the GPS was working. It was set up for voice turn by turn and the usual turn was coming up and the GPS said turn. Here Bree yelled, “NO WAY, B*#$%!” And she kept driving, lol.

This happened for about 5 miles; in fact, she was having a conversation with the GPS!

Finally she found her street and yelled at the GPS, “See, see I knew I was right!” If she wasn’t driving, I’m sure she would have broken into a happy dance.

So like I said….unique, lol.

Be good or else…


4 thoughts on “No Way, B*#$@

  1. Hey, i do the same thing! Sometimes we know more than the GPS and there is nothing wrong with a victory dance! You go bree!!!!

      • I do the same especially when Siri (gps) goes crazy when I make a wrong turn on purpose. Siri responds back which is quite funny. We have quite the conversations. It’s very comforting to know I’m not crazy (which Siri has said to me) and not the only one that talks to their gps.. Hey if Bree does it then it’s ok!!!!

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