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It’s been a crazy albeit great week. Thank you to everyone that took part of the amazing special this past week with the release of Switched. The feedback has been amazing and a huge thank you to everybody that was kind enough to leave a review. We’re bringing Nya back this week before we introduce the next book in the line-up. Don’t forget to check the other great spanking authors that are sharing over at the Saturday Spankings Blog.

Switched in Time

Nya Lynn Crow is stuck in a boring life. Her only real joy exists in attending BDSM and kinkster parties with her best friend, Tawni. However, even those events are being ruined by a woman who’s out to destroy her, and because of whom Nya ends up being drugged, beaten and left to die on a mesa in the Sandia mountain foothills.

She tries to walk home in the dark and stumbles on to ancient Indian burial grounds, only to awaken in the care of two very handsome ranchers who are strong, kind, and ridiculously old-fashioned. While they nurse her back to health, she finds herself yearning for modern conveniences—conveniences that she soon discovers have not yet been invented.

Flint Masters, stern cowboy and owner of High River Ranch, takes an instant shine to this beautiful but strange ‘half-breed’, but her lack of proper manners and inability to follow direction grate on his nerves. As a result, Nya soon discovers that all the fantasies and role playing games she so enjoyed enacting before at BDSM events are nothing like the reality of a real, hard, old-fashioned spanking. She’s also quick to learn that her sexual appetite is something beyond the ‘polite society’ expectations of a gentleman rancher; and her desires end up inviting not only another switching, but also fulfillment the likes of which she’s never before experienced.

Can a modern, sexually expressive, and highly opinionated young woman survive in the Old West in 1863, surrounded by cowboys, Vaqueros and Apache Indians?

Especially when time proves itself to be cyclic, and Nya finds herself face to face with her old nemesis once again—only this time, the evil woman is trying to not just destroy her, but every Apache and Vaquero in the territory. Nya must decide whether to stand up to her for once and for all, or to run and hide, and she ends up risking everything, including her blossoming relationship with Flint, to saves the lives of the people around her, and to hopefully make the future a better place for all of them.

This fast-paced Western adventure is full of what fans have come to love and expect from Breanna Hayse; gorgeous men; strong, opinionated, curiously vulnerable women; sizzling spankings and rich historic detail; with a witty dose of humor thrown in for good measure.


“You have no right to lay a hand on me. I swear to God that I’ll… I’ll…”

“You will what? Call the sheriff? Tell Heath? Scream? Move your rump. The faster we get this shopping done, the faster we can get home and you can pay your dues.”

“I am not going anywhere with you. OW! Let go of my earlobe.”

“No more sass or I will spank you right here in the middle of the street.”


5 thoughts on “No More Sass

  1. Bree
    You ma’am. Have done it again. You have chaught my attention fom beginning to end. Loved it cannot wait for what yoy have in store next. Love you bunches your Awesome

  2. That has to be a bit of a culture shock for Nya. I mean we dream of strong, handsome dominant men, but we’re also used to being respected in our own right. Back then, women were chattel. Congrats on your new release, Breanna.

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