Naughty Book Discussion Group?


Hey Peeps!

If you haven’t guessed, one of my passions as a psychologist and a counselor is to bring my readers to a place of self-discovery. I do it by introducing thoughts, feelings, conflict and different desires in my books. My present work-in-progress, Blindfolded, will be about forcing the heroine to face her innermost conflict. How does she handle it? How would you?

I would love to open up a book discussion for you guys. Not to argue, but to discuss how certain scenes and interaction affected you, the audience, and why. No judgement calls, no insults, all keeping an open mind that every person will view things differently based in their own life experience, morals, ethics, religious views, and fantasies. Many times, we find ourselves becoming angry or defensive when certain things ‘hit us the wrong way’ (no pun intended). Since every one of my books has a certain theme, or lesson, being brought to surface, I think it would be fun, and educational, if we could start talking about them. Whatcha think?

Anyone wanna take the plunge?



10 thoughts on “Naughty Book Discussion Group?

  1. Ok, I GOTTA say this. Nikki loves to cal me a dork. In fact, it her favorite way to describe me. However, do you guys know what a dork is?
    A whale’s Penis
    Chalk one up for trivial bullshit!

  2. No Problem.. this is about whatever you guys want to discuss and to give you an opportunity to interact freely. Oh, as for the Siren…. a little tidbit– it is book one of what was originally a 900 page novel! Had to break it up… but hope you guys like it. I went with my own personal fantasy with that one.

    For any of you who have read it.. notice it starts with the parental figures plus the big brother/ I happen to be a lover of big brother stories, if you havent guessed. So… which male character is your favorite and why?

  3. I would like to get in on the action, Bree. Please make sure to give me some extra time to read, though. I just bought “Siren”, and am chomping at the bit to get into it first. 🙂

  4. I am hoping to provide a safe place for peeps to share their feelings, especially when they arise in the books…. not just mine, of course! lol! This will also give peeps a chance to ask about whys and hows! No meanies are allowed, either! lol!!!

  5. That sounds like an excellent idea. This genre sure does bring out emotions in people. I would especially love to hear from people in the lifestyle. I myself have never been in a d/s or HOH relationship (not that I wouldn’t be open to it), but this subject fascinates me and I have a deep respect for people who are.

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