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An introspective look at love, heartbreak and life.


Meet Michael A. Thaxton

Michael A. Thaxton was born in Olympia, Wa in 1965.  He has studied, international business, photography, information technology and technology security.

He travelled the world during his time in the US Navy and a DJ.  His love of music and art has led his life in several directions.  Owning a successful mobile entertainment company, importing and exporting Christian music, and as a sound engineer both in the studio and live performances.

Currently, Michael is focusing on his photography and writing gifts.  He has released three books Wunderlust, The Photos of a Traveling Muse, Poetry of the Image and Musings: An Exposé of the Soul.  As well he is working on Timeless, a collection of short stories from various authors.

Michael is an ordained pastor, the father of five children, and currently five grandchildren.  He enjoys creating stunning photographs and writing about the emotions and scenes he sees as he walks around the cities and countryside he visits.

Where to find Michael

Amazon – www.amazon.com/Michael-A-Thaxton/e/B071W92YY7

Facebook – www.facebook.com/michael.thaxton

Michael Thaxton Photography – www.facebook.com/michaelthaxtonphotos/

Thaxton Publishing – www.facebook.com/thaxtonpublishing/

Twitter – @Michael_Thaxton

Instagram – @mthaxton83

Email – Thaxtonpublishing@gmail.com

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