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After what seems to be a very, very, long break…Mojo Mondays are back! We had a fabulous family vacation. Bree and SJ spoiled me like crazy. I am so lucky to have them in my life. Anyway, more about all that to come. For now, I would like to welcome Brees publisher James Johnson-husband to the famous Korey Mae Johnson, and publishing guru with Stormy Night Publications. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy. He has some great advice/insight to offer if you have an interest in writing. So everyone, please welcome James.


When I was offered the opportunity to write an article for Breanna’s blog, I spent some time thinking about what I could write which would incorporate my knowledge of the spanking romance and erotica market today, while at the same time possibly be of interest to readers.  Rather than turn this post into a press release for Stormy Night Publications, I decided instead to look to the future and lay out my thoughts on some potential new areas for spanking fiction writers to explore.


As of today, Stormy Night Publications is not involved in any of the three areas I mention below, but I’m very curious whether any of them would be of interest to authors (and even more importantly, to consumers) of spanking erotica.






Photo-stories are by no means new, and in fact they predate spanking movies, spanking eBooks, and the internet itself.  The old (primarily British) spanking magazines, such as Janus (and its sister publication Februs), Scorpion, Roue, Blushes, etc. were based almost entirely around photo-stories.


Before I go further, though, let me clarify what I mean by a “photo-story”.  I define a photo-story as a series of photographs which are specifically taken so that they illustrate the progression of a spanking scene (or series of spanking scenes), along with an accompanying text based story.  Either the photoset or the text of the story could in theory stand alone, but together they form a work of art which, if done properly, is often far better than either component on its own.


Unfortunately, today the photo-story has all but disappeared.  There are stories, and there are photosets, but to see a true photo-story these days is all too rare.  I can imagine three primary reasons for this change, although there may be others.  First, the advent of digital cameras has made it trivially easy to take essentially unlimited numbers of photos during a shoot.  This is in principle good, but as a side effect it has led to less effort being placed on obtaining just the right poses for a truly exquisite spanking photo.  Second, the availability of inexpensive video equipment means that almost every spanking related shoot is a video shoot.  The thought process is essentially, “Why shoot photos, when we could shoot videos?”  As a result, photos are often either taken from video grabs or taken as an afterthought once the video has been shot, usually leading to lower quality photos.  Third, and perhaps most importantly, the companies that produce spanking photos and movies are, with a few exceptions, separate from the companies which publish spanking stories and books, and therefore it is much more difficult to arrange the production of a really good spanking photo-story.


In spite of all of the above, I do think that excellent spanking photo-stories could emerge again as a viable source of revenue (for publishers, authors, models, photographers, and everyone else in the business) and of entertainment for customers, if the right people worked together.




Illustrated Stories


Illustrated stories were another feature of the spanking magazines of old, and like photo-stories they have all but disappeared.  As with photo-stories, I believe the most important reason for this near disappearance is that without the magazine companies to corral the necessary people, there is no driving force to bring skilled authors together with skilled artists in order to create illustrated stories.  With the phenomenal growth of eBooks, however, and the ability of most modern eBook readers to handle color images, I believe there could be a bright future ahead for a return to illustrated stories at some point.





If you are a lover of spanking videos now is a good time to be alive and on the internet.  For what it once cost to buy a single VHS movie, it is now possible to buy memberships to sites with literally hundreds of hours of spanking content.  Some of this content, in my opinion, is quite good.  The video and sound qualities are excellent, the models are attractive, and the spankings are hard enough to be believable.


Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find longer movies with even moderately developed plots, and as a result I believe that in some ways the entire video market is at risk of stagnating.  At some point, I’ve seen a naughty college girl get spanked on her bare bottom for getting bad grades enough times that I get bored by it…  That is actually a lie, I still enjoy watching a naughty college girl get spanked on her bare bottom for bad grades, especially if it is good and hard and she has a cute bottom.  Others, though, might get bored of it, or might never be interested at all without more story than that.


There is a reason that Hollywood pays good money to screenwriters, and I think the time has come for video producers to get together with publishers in an effort to start creating videos whose stories match the rest of their production values.

3 thoughts on “Mojo Mondays With James Johnson of Stormy Night Publishing

  1. Wonderful post. Thank you. Very interesting ideas. I have seen a couple of photo stories on amazon. Malbon’s Art of Spanking comes to mind. I must say that on preview it did not look that interesting. I have seen pictures in the net that I thought would make a marvelous book. I think with the right images you could do wonders.
    Illustrations might be good. I don’t know about other readers but I usually make up the scene in my head as I read along.
    I must agree with Lisa that I would love to see a number of books turned into movies. How yummy would it be so see our favorite characters come to life. Bree, Korey, and Renee write some hot movie worthy stuff. 🙂

  2. Thank you for your post. Big fan of your wife’s books and blog! I may be in the minority, but I like to use my imagination when I read books. However, I would like to see some of these books become movies (Guardian Domination for one :)).

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