I am sitting outside near the old, wooden silo, overlooking the oak grove and the duck pond. The border collies are going crazy as they dive in the dry leaves and chase ravens, stopping only to bring me a ball so that I can partake in their play. The air is warm, but there is a cool breeze that occasionally runs through the tops of the trees and then wraps around me. It carries the scent of autumn…. persimmons, pomegranates, spiced peaces… and little hint of wood smoke….
I’m writing, developing relationships for my characters and realizing how incredibly blessed I am to have you.. family, friends and fans…in my life. Because of all of you, this season will be a blessed one for me.

Thank You!

P.S. Whips and Canes AND Protect and Correct are both half done! With my lay-off….. I am writing machine!!!!

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