It’s Supposed to Work!!!


Hello Lovelies,

I have been out of town so I’m a bit late. The title of my post refers to the phenomenon that maybe you can help me with.

As you know, Bree and I have been together for quite a while so you can imagine how many spanks she has received. Yet she still cries out the same thing every time…. ok ok that’s enough, I’ve learned my lesson, you’re making me mad, that hurts!!!, etc….of course it NEVER works, never has and never will.

She says the same things every time and afterwards, you guessed it, “Why doesn’t it work?!?!”

Every single time, the same lament, lol. Like I’m suddenly going to say sure Hon, I’ll stop right now, LOL.

But she keeps trying, God bless her.

Be good or else,


5 thoughts on “It’s Supposed to Work!!!

  1. I think purely in the interest of science you should let her off the next spanking and see what she says to that. We all beg and plead our defence because if we didn’t you’d think you weren’t spanking hard enough you guys like to think your making an impression lol!

  2. Well maybe in order to endure the spanking Bree needs to have that hope that maybe just maybe it will work this time. Or maybe she thinks the repetition may annoy you. Lol

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