I Consent

Mastering Annie

Achieving the dream of having a ‘happily ever after’ for Annie Graye starts with a handsome Texan, a new contract and the delicious pain of a hand-crafted leather belt against her bare backside.

For Greg Carmichael, it’s neither Annie’s ‘specialized’ domestic skills, nor the terms of her contract for which he has purchased her. He seeks a submissive to call his own, not because of a piece of paper, but to be his to master; in heart, mind and soul. But he has a dark side, one that goes beyond the limits of acceptable society, and he knows that these limits are ones that Annie has refused to indulge.

Albeit an unorthodox way to begin a relationship, the specially trained ‘Graye Maid’ departs the comfort and safety of Graye Manor and begins her one year term of service with her new owner. She discovers not just a different side of the BDSM lifestyle, but that people exist in the ‘real world’ who are able to accept her as she is.  Included among them is Greg’s beloved kid sister, Melanie, who longs to experience the life of a submissive but has hidden her desires in the dangerous shadows of a local BDSM club.

As her feelings for Greg deepen, Annie strives to please and be of service to him, but secretly fears she cannot be everything he wants. As time goes on, she questions her ability to trust and surrender to his dark passions, and she is forced to face that that her dreams of the happily ever after might end before the year is upon them.

Is desire to serve enough to conquer her fears and become the type of submissive that Greg needs, or will she be forced to make a choice between the man she is falling in love with and the hard boundaries that she refuses to ignore?

This is book two of Breanna Hayse’s exciting ‘Fifty Maids of Graye’ series, in which we find out what happens to Dorian and Merry’s beloved maid Fifty, whom the world will know as Annie, when she leaves Graye Manor. This story contains BDSM, explicit erotic scenes, edge play and, of course, spanking. If such material offends you, please do not purchase this book.

I don’t need that to be happy. What I need is your trust. If you aren’t ready to give me that, we can wait. I don’t want you to feel forced.” His words were sincere.

“A,are you going to blindfold me?”

“I’d like to. I want you to focus on sensation.”

Annie studied his face.  The decision to be bound, suspended and completely release any ability to protect herself was a difficult one. Had Dorian been the one asking, she would have had the same conflict. It made no sense to trust this man with her life after knowing him for such a short length of time. Yet, she felt as though she knew him more intimately than she knew herself.

“I consent,” she whispered.

“Thank you,” he kissed her. “Speak up at any time if you are uncomfortable or scared. This is new to you and I want it to be an incredible experience. Take off your clothes.”


Coming July 16th!

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  1. Ahhh! I need to hurry up and read the first one. This sounds amazing. I love reading about boundaries being pushed and subs learning something new about themselves. I’m already rooting for them!

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