Now that I got your attention….

OY! Sometimes a single word says it all, right? I am soooo sorry I have been absent for a bit.. Things have been majorly crazeeee in the Hayse House…

Before I migrate elsewhere, I wanted to give a warm and grateful thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of me and believed in my work.  Because of you, Skylar’s Guardians (released 1/21/14)  is STILL rated in the top twenties on Amazon! It has provoked a lot of attention from both lovers, and haters, of the genre.  Gotta love the haters reviews.. Especially the ones that start out with comments like.. I don’t like age play and BH isn’t my favorite author anyway, so I am gonna hate this book before I read it, lol!

FIRST… It is finally happening.  As of April 1, I am devoting myself to full time writing! Not a joke… So be on the lookout for some new, exciting pieces coming out real soon. The contemporaries and AP books, as  always, will be well researched and based on real life experiences by real people living the real lifestyle. You wanted the real deal, well, my loves, I strive to give it to you.

SECOND… The first, hopefully of several, book of the Darkness series will be released soon by Blushing.  Carolyn Faulkner and I banged our heads together to bring you something daring and taboo…. it should be something the haters will love to hate! Heck, even I would shudder at the content. But anyone who knows me accepts that it is impossible for me to turn down a challenge. Lol!

THIRD …. I have asked the Brat Pack to start sharing their experiences with training under John and me. It has been an interesting adventure for all of us.. So much so that my newest book… yet unnamed but called A Little Lost for now… uses them as my inspiration. Its a Submissive Primer  which leads to…

FORTH… Yes, Mistress! Yup, the training of a Domme.  I am going to share my personal experience training in the art of dominance from my time prior to meeting SJ.  Ask my girls, Mistress Bree (aka Queen Bree AKA Mean Bree), has some chops they were not aware of.

And finally,

FIFTH… Our very own John Hayse is wrapping up his first book for publication! I am soooo proud of him.  Send the love and cheer him on!

So, my dear friends, hang on because this year is gonna be a doozy… and there are more surprises to come!






8 thoughts on “HI!!!!!

  1. So excited for all the new stories and for you and SJ! Quick question, do you know when the Generals Daughter books 3 and 4 will be available on Amazon?

    • Hi Alyssa, The good news is that The General’s Daughter books 3, 4 and 5 are complete. The bad news is we’re still working with the publisher for a date for them to be released to Amazon. We’ll keep you posted!

  2. That’s amazing news! I can’t wait for all the great new things that come from you going full time.

    P.S. Bless you for putting Thor up there 🙂

  3. What an attention grabber. I love Thor bought the new movie as soon as it was out and now I think I will watch it again. Congrats on becoming a full time writer and am looking forward to all your new work. Good Look to John on his new book. I will read when it is out.

  4. Ok first thanks for the awesome pic! I’m so incredibly proud of you and so excited your writing full time! Amazing things are to come and as always you know I will be there to support you in anyway that I can! I love you so much! Always!!!!!!!

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