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It’s that lovely time of the week again. Time for your Saturday Spanking. This week the excerpt is from Painful Consequences. This is Bree’s most recent release and it has been in the top 100 books on Amazons Erotica store since its release. We are really happy about that and proud of Bree. So check out the excerpt and then head on over to Amazon to get your very own copy. Then don’t forget to head over to the Saturday Spankings blog to check out the other fantastic author submissions. Have a great weekend!


Painful Consequences

Painful Consequences


Brittany Wallace had lived a life of ease and luxury, completely shielded from the repercussions of her actions by her wealthy father’s influence and connections… until the day she made one poor choice too many and found herself thrown out of the family home.

At twenty-six years old, having never done a hard day’s work in her life, she finds herself begging her twin brother for a place to stay. He reluctantly agrees, but promises that things will be different—from now on bratty behavior will have consequences.

When a fellow police officer from her brother’s unit by the name of Reed Simms takes an interest in her, she does her best to give him the cold shoulder, but she quickly finds that he is a hard man to drive away. What’s worse is that she isn’t even sure she wants to drive away this handsome, dominant man who is not afraid to tell her what she needs to hear, whether or not she wants to hear it. Worst of all, she soon learns that if words alone don’t get the job done, Reed is more than willing to bare her bottom for a long, hard spanking, and if that still doesn’t make her behave, then he has other, even more embarrassing ways of keeping a naughty girl in line.


“What is this place?” she asked, looking around. It was clean, with a
carpeted floor, a large wooden chair, a sawhorse and a wooden cabinet
with several drawers.

“Have you ever heard of a woodshed, Britt?”

“Yeah. It’s where people store wood and do wood working stuff, duh. So?”

“The back area of this little workshop is where I keep all my tools
and equipment. This front section is my woodshed. A woodshed was a
place where, back in the day, delinquent children were taken to be
disciplined. Far away from the main house where the family couldn’t
hear them cry.”

What the hell are you talking about? I…” Brittany suddenly paled,
understanding Reed’s statement. “No way, mister! You are not going to
punish me!”

“Quite the contrary, that is exactly what I am going to do.”Places to buy Bree’s books:


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10 thoughts on “Good Morning, Saturday!

  1. I love Reed! hm, lovely tingly detail about the the woodshed being where the family couldn’t hear them cry. if my Master was here now, He’d no doubt notice my curling toes and want to know what was causing that 😀

  2. Reed sounds like my kind of guy. I love the woodshed concept and Brittany’s reaction to her impending punishment. BTW, congratulations to Painful Consequences moving to the number 3 position of Blushing Book’s top 50 in the last 30 days. You have quite a number of books in that last, and deservedly so.

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