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Hi, Y’all!

Ahhh, peace at last. I’ll be home in another five days, so I intend to enjoy this time– WRITING!

Got a bunch of things to share with you! The Blushing Author Workshop was incredible! Not only did we learn a whole lot of new, nifty things, but the people who attended were AMAZING!  I will honestly say that I walked away with a boat-load of new friends, fresh ideas, and a greater love of the people I work for, and with! As before, Bethany’s love and generosity blew me away.  This is truly my family- and a home away from home. Get the tissues out because when I leave this time, Sob City!

And no, I did not get into any more trouble than I usually am in. Jim Burke has a forest filled with birch trees… and permission from John.  This girl ain’t no dummy!

I particularly want to publically thank three very special people in my life whose love and care have allowed me to focus on my work:

First, of course, is my wonderful husband.  John writes more blog posts that I ever could; he spends hours each day answering emails from people and mentoring, and provides so much emotional and physical support to me that I can’t even begin to describe. Not having him here to bring me my morning coffee is truly missed!  I am so proud of him- he just finished his first book, too.  So John, thank you, my love.  For being you. I miss you soooo badly!

These next two ladies are my best friends and my greatest allies: Isabella and Lily. They are my bookends- keeping me from falling over when the earthquakes of life rattle my world.  When you hear me say “I have people for that”, well, these gals are my people. Lily runs my life- no joking. Without her expertise in social media and organization skillz, I would be lost.  She also provides comic relief when I start going cray cray, and brings me back to reality.  Isa, my princess, is my rudder. She know the perfect thing to say to keep me grounded in the present world.  She, too, makes me laugh when I need to, and has been ‘my precious’.  What blesses me even more is the relationship those two share with each other- with NO drama!  I am sure each of you can relate about how exhausting that is, and I never get it from either of them!  I am one lucky woman to have them in my life and can’t express enough my love for them.

My AMP girls are amazing! We are coming close to ending the first program and they have been working so hard to grow in their art! I am so proud of them. They will tell you that what we do, as writers, is tough. I have pulled them through the ringer to give them a head’s up about this world, and hopefully prepared them for when they are ready to take the step and give it a go.  There is only one thing I cannot prepare them for- that is the, um, unstable people that we sometimes encounter in this genre.

I do my best to answer every legitimate email personally that comes my way (given that I am provided with a legit return email address). Recently, John and I have been pursued by an individual who is on a seek and destroy mission.  She contacted us initially with the intent to meet up as a swinger (we do not do that) and we politely refused her invitation but offered assistance in  helping her find couples who were interested in that type of lifestyle. Although every one of her emails have been answered (except for the one making a twitter like statement), and a response to her comment about us not returning her email was posted on the blog, she has now upped her crazy with threats and nasty comments about us and our readers.  Hence, we have had to enforce moderation of this blog. I am so sorry- but all of you know that all it takes is one unstable person to sour things for others.  You, my readers, deserve the best that I can give you and I am doing my best to deliver that, in both my books and in my personal interaction with each of you.

I want to thank you all for your love and support, and am so very grateful that I have been blessed with an audience of intelligent, loving, and down to earth fans who love my fantasies (and realities) as much as I do.  To each of you- I am sending a Bree-Hug.  God Bless You!

With all My Love,




6 thoughts on “Far From the Long Arm of the Dom!

  1. I am a devoted reader of all your books. I am the fan that always can’t wait for your next book and I can’t wait to read SJ’s book. Through the AMP program you have given your time and care to each of us. It amazed me the attention and concern you gave me as I got to know you. You gave me your time and helped me not only through your expertise in the written word but helping in countless ways that I will never be able to repay you. I have never met two people that reached out with more tender care, patience, and warmth to a virtual stranger as you and SJ have. However, when I express that to you and SJ, you both always humbly say, “pay it forward.” You guys are amazing; with the time and care you give to others. I’m immeasurably grateful to have gotten to know you both. Thank you both!

  2. So many things to be excited for! I’m so glad your workshop was great and your time has been so enjoyable, live it up. You’re so sweet, now back to writing :p Also Isabella is a turdburner so idk what you’re talking about. Love you all!!

  3. Hi Bree, I rarely post on your blog but do read it every chance I get. I enjoy all of your books that I have read. I still have a few in my TBR pile. I will get to them when Sir puts a temporary freeze on my Kindle spending. I am glad you are having fun at your conference.

    I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with a poster. You are right, one bad apple CAN spoil the whole bunch, girl. Sorry, just remembering the old Donny Osmond song. LOL, now you have a good idea of my age. Just know that 99.999% of your readers/fans love your books and blog.

    Well, got to head off to work. Sir is annoyed that I spent so much on a new laptop for our daughters nursing program. Guess I’ll get in a few extra shifts to help defer the cost. Enjoy the sun, Bree. My best to you and SJ!

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