Dress Undress

Hello Lovelies,

So Bree has this….how can I put this? If Linda Blair’s voice from the Exorchist could be translated into a piece of clothing, it would be this gown. So I told her to buy 5 new gowns and they rock!

Now, maybe in your world when you buy a new piece of clothing, your husband or boyfriend looks and tells you what he thinks. Not so in casa Hayse…each gown she tried on was very sheer. So my first order was to remove her panties, then she had to bend over in each so I could feel how her bb felt while being spanked. All the gowns passed my test, and that’s how I determine if I like the clothing Bree wears from the waist down.

Be good or else,


PS I know that I’ll be in the dog….dom house when this is posted but….somethings must be told.

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