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Justice for Liberty

WARNING- This story is based on real events and is dedicated to the men and women of Holding Out Help, an organization assisting those escaping from forced polygamy and abuse within the FLDS compounds. The first month’s proceeds from this book will be donated to this organization in appreciation for all the information given during the process of this book’s research. Please note that the characters and the story are fiction, and any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental.


Life or Death. The decision was made the moment Liberty stepped foot outside the gates of the compound and ducked the sentry’s lights. She only had a few hours before dawn to make it to the safety of Nevada’s border before her absence would be discovered. At that time, the vicious and merciless ‘God Squad’ would be sent to hunt her down and bring her back for a punishment worse than death.

One of the FLDS cult’s countless children forced into an abusive plural marriage to a man old enough to be her grandfather; Liberty’s been warned that if she doesn’t produce children, then she would meet an ‘unfortunate incident.’ Having experienced the heinous treatment by those in the compound, Liberty is more than willing to take the risk with the Outsiders and seek a new life free of pain and suffering.

She is rescued by Jerrod Stockton and his younger brother, Justice, who operate a Safe House program for runaways. They, along with Jerrod’s wife, Robin give her a life and a family she never had—one filled with love and acceptance rather than malice and derision.

Life with the Stocktons is filled with both joy and confusion. Liberty is shown the truth of real, unconditional love, faith and the value of discipline yet she still struggles with the indoctrinated beliefs that leave her feeling she has no value or worth if she fails to blindly obey the edicts proclaimed from the incarcerated prophet’s jail cell.



“Your little girl is giving me a lot of lip,” Justice snitched, not breaking the staring contest.

“Good for her. How was your day, sweetheart?” Robin asked, reaching her hand to help Liberty down from the bench.

“Very good, thank you. I learned about Cinderella and happily ever afters.”

“Jerrod also told her all about you during your college days,” Justice added, giving Robin a quick kiss on the cheek and a smack on the bottom before trotting out of the room.

“That man is absolutely incorrigible,” Robin grumbled, sitting at the table and accepting the cup of coffee that Liberty handed her. “What exactly did Jerrod tell you?”

The woman’s eyes widened as the story was shared, followed by question after question that left Robin’s mouth gaping open. “What in the world were you thinking telling her that story?” Robin demanded when her husband joined them.

“Hello, darling. Did you have a good day?” Jerrod asked innocently, sitting across from her and studying the scene before him. Liberty had her elbows propped on the table in rapt attention as Robin covered her face with her hands.

“I had a very irritating day and then come home to find out that you are talking to this innocent girl about spanking and sex. Inappropriate, Mr. Stockton. Very inappropriate.”

“Maybe you should spank him,” Liberty giggled.

“I very well might! I want an answer, Jerrod.”

“You do not sound very submissive.”

“Believe me; I’m not feeling very submissive. I want an explanation, and I want it now.”

“She asked, I told. We have nothing to hide, and she’s going to hear it eventually.”

“Yes, but did you have to give her details?”

“Please don’t scold Papa,” Liberty said sweetly, causing both to turn their heads in surprise. “He was just honest with me. I didn’t know about any of the things that he told me, and it made stuff sound less scary.”

Jerrod’s eyes crinkled as he winked at the girl. “Thank you, darling. The mama bear sometimes gets a little hot under the collar at the silliest things.”


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  1. Breanna Hayse has outdone herself with this Justice for Liberty. Many of her books have special meaning and this one does too. I rarely leave comments but this one deserves it. This story not only enlightens you to what is truly behind the walls of these compounds and how the women live but she also gives her victim hope and a lifeline for her fellow people. The resources listed at the end of the book are legitimate.

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