Brat Pack Shenanigans Part 1: Don’t hide your Doms implements…



So Mama has asked us to write about some of our “brat pack” shenanigans as I am sometimes….I will stress…SOMETIMES….the instigator for them (hehe sorry Papa) I thought I would share some stories 🙂 I will preface this that I DO call Bree Mama and SJ Papa….that is who they are to me; and Nik and Isabella are my sisters….Nik, Isa and I tend to umm get into unforseen situations…so here goes:

On our most recent trip to celebrate the Hayse family Christmas, we found out new implements had been bought (see Papa’s recent post with pictures of said monstrosities)…the one we shall address is the “dana paddle” as we call it or, if you prefer, holyhellmotherofallevil paddle….both work 🙂

To say the dana paddle is a furniture climbing implement is an understatement….What is a furniture climbing implement you ask?…Well, it’s one that is SO evil, it WILL make you climb and leap furniture to get away…Unfortunately Papa WILL catch you, and considering he can pick us up with one hand…eh…climbing doesn’t always work.

So that night, after we’d had our introduction to the evil dana…Nik, Isa and I had a slumber party in the family room….Giggling and talking away like we always do…when all of a sudden Nik says:

Nik: *whispers…loudly* did Daddy leave the dana on the couch?!
Me and Isa: *sit straight up…whisper even louder* where??!
Nik: *pointing fearfully at the end of the couch* um…there
Isa: No way!
Me: think he’d notice burnt rubber in the fireplace?
*all 3 of us giggle loudly*
Me: *after the laughing fit* no…seriously…
Isa: Piper no.
Nik: Piper NO!!
Me: ohhh I’m doing it….ok maybe I won’t burn…but I’m hiding it…
Isa: Piper, hell no!
Nik: Piper.. think for a second…
Me: Too late to go back now!! *as im holding the dreaded dana…looking around for a hiding spot*
Me: Ok if we kinda push it off where papa left it anyway, AND he happens to look for it…he’ll think it fell and jeeze. ..HE’S the one that left it out…he KNOWS we hate this thing. …it’s like required by law we hide it!!! (Nik here, that was totally my idea, Piper was gonna just throw it behind the sofa).
Nik: wha wha?
Isa: wurrdd
Me: *proceed to push it…hard….behind the couch*…serves it right!
All three of us start giggling/laughing/snorting maniacally when all of a sudden we hear their bedroom door open and footsteps….all three of us freeze like deer in the headlights then scramble to get back in bed, while grabbing our phones to pretend we’re doing something. ..and here comes Papa….and all we could think?  …we’re dead…he knows we hid it…I’m blaming Isabella…lol So as we all pretend…badly…since I think I had my phone upside down… to be doing something…we hear Papa say:

Papa: Since you girls are so wide awake and laughing this loud…It made me realize I forgot bedtime spankings.

Instead of the usual groan…he got…ok! By all three of us because of the relief of NOT getting caught. So…how does this story end? When Isabella and I left after the vacation, and went home…she sent a message from the airport where we hid it….next trip she’s getting paybacks 🙂

Nik here, yea Isa  folded and told Daddy we hid the paddle. Of course he asked me about it and if I was aware that it was hidden (because even though Isa told Daddy, she didn’t rat Piper and I out, she said SHE hid it. BUT, he knew better. I had to confess at that point and get the paddle and give it to him. Which was the beginning of 7 nights of the dana. Which was totally not worth it. Well, actually maybe it was cause we all three had punishment spankings coming and with the dana out of the picture, we were saved from its evilness… But the week of the dana after was no walk in the park.

**Stay tuned for our next story which involves…sneaking out of the house at 2am…climbing trees and tire swings…and maybe a ghost 🙂

Love, Piper,Nik & Isa!

23 thoughts on “Brat Pack Shenanigans Part 1: Don’t hide your Doms implements…

  1. Sure did miss you guys. I was too used to getting emails and totally into my new job. Sorry it seems like I’ve ignored you guys, but I have been tbinking of you and missing our back and forth. (And I’m jealous I didn’t get to go on vacation, but then I would be in trouble too cuz I’m totally in to peer pressure!)

    Love you guys!!

  2. I know I hear you all saying speech speech Isabella!

    So In the wise words of princess Isa I say:

    The past is the past. Let bygones be bygones. What’s truly important here is that we are all safe and our souls are now cleansed. Once big Happy Hayse Family………;-)

    No applause necessary……

  3. OMG yesssss I DID almost get arrested and even got interviewed by the TSA and police…and all I could think? Papa said if we ever get arrested we better hope he doesn’t get the call…that sucked!!! And yes…we will post for another day 🙂 cause THAT is a funny story!

  4. I love my girls… NOW everyone knows where so many inspirations come from. Speaking of which, would any of you care to comment about the pile of beer cans that the dogs found hiding behind the big oaks on the back of the property?
    And who ate my chocolate?

    • Uh I can say with 100% certainty that I did NOT eat Ur chocolate……lol

      No comment on the other at this time…..I need to seek legal counsel before commenting…..;-)

    • Diamond stole the chocolate and I felt it prudent to let her fall off the wagon cause she loves me AND the beer cans…Ummmm I don’t know WHAT you are talking about :)…I’m the good one *cough cough*

      • Um the ” good one” ** coughs**. Was gonna make me climb that fence which like reaches into the upper atmosphere….for real…..and get those hypothetical cans that were ** supposedly ** thrown over the fence which considering it reaches to the upper atmosphere would be quite the feat so it must not be true. And isn’t the rule no pics it didn’t happen? Yes?

        Luv always your princess……;-)

      • Don’t blame Diamond.. she is a dog and doggies don’t get chocolate. Come on, someone fess up! Unless it was SJ… he does get into my stash now and then, but won’t admit it. Bad Dom!

        • Ya know he was kinda lurking around with a guilty look on his face…….I’m going with the Dom did it! Hehe

          Sorry sir but chocolate is bad for u!

  5. Ok ok ok…. I decided I needed to put my 2 cents in here. Firstly kudos to me cuz I’m a great sister and tried to protect you 2 while confessing. I should like get a another crown or something for that, yes? lol

    2nd I remember it going a little something like this:

    OMG he left the paddle sitting on the couch. What should we do?

    Me: A look of shock and awwwwwww

    Lets hide it!

    Me: NO! Do you have any idea what he will do?

    Oh come on! And a certain someone…… P pushed it off and behind the couch.

    Then comes in the King and asks his princesses what they are doing.

    Us: oh nothing sir just looking at our phones………..
    And the rest is history……….lol

    Except that what was failed to be mentioned was prior to my emailing where it was hidden, p and I were detained and almost arrested at the airport.( a story for another day ). So I had taken a Xanax to calm down which I had never taken before. Now I woulda confessed anyway cuz we all know I have terrible guilt, but I was not in my right mind…..even so I still tried to protect you so I want my crown! lol

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