Hello lovelies,

Bree says you all like to read about our crazy life and trust me, it’s really crazy. So, here we go.

We all have erogenous zones, but Bree has a very special one. No, not that one, let’s keep it clean shall we?

As you know, we have a new member of our crazy family named Bananas…a cockatiel (AKA Cocky-raptor). Now, you may ask yourself what in the heck does this have to do with erogenous zones? You see Bree’s big, and I mean BIG, button in this area is on her neck, kind of around the Dracula area. I know exactly where it is and, when I bite down, she melts- I mean seriously turns into a puddle and she’s down for the count.

Bananas is a very curious bird, exploring everything and into anything he can either walk on, nibble, or both. He sits on our shoulders, our heads, and often walks across the … drum roll…..backs of our necks. So, I saw Bananas land on Bree’s neck and she giggled because his little feet tickled her, but then she started shaking, her eyes rolled back and ….BAM! A neckgasm! I thought it was hilarious, Bree not so much.

The funniest thing is that Bananas, being a parrot, repeats things that get a reaction. Needless to say…

I told you….crazy life.

Be good or else,


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