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August seems to be winding down but we are definitely staying busy until the end. Aside from the upcoming release of General’s Daughter Book 4: Aftercare we’re also happy to announce that another wait is coming to an end. Over the Barrel is slotted to be released by Blushing Books on August 28th. We’re super excited about this one because who doesn’t want their very own cowboy that spanks?

Over the Barrel

After being expelled from the Philadelphia Academy for Young Ladies, Blair Farbor, nineteen, find herself also evicted from her vengeful Great Aunt Imelda’s home. She is sent to the untamed West to live on her grandfather’s ranch in Manitou Springs, Colorado, where the Pike’s Peak great gold rush is under way.

Her long journey begins on a steam train to St. Louis, with the intention of completing the trip by stagecoach. However, the feisty, but sheltered Blair is unready to face the perils of a woman traveling alone and soon finds herself in serious trouble. Saved from a near loss of her innocence by Texas Ranger, Sloan Adkins, she discovers that her attitude alone is not enough to safely travel lands where bandits, Indians and other “unscruples” roam.
 Now stranded at the train station, Blair is informed that Sloan has self-appointed himself as her guardian and will see her to her destination. There’s only one drawback: It’s on his terms! Her independent sensibilities rebel as she is warned that he will have none of her sassy mouth or reckless acts – and that he intends to back up his words with actions – usually ending with her bottoms-up over any object at hand. Receiving discipline and wisdom the hard way forces Blair to learn her own limitations and teaches her the value of self-respect and genuine love.
Traveling by horse, the journey to her grandfather’s ranch is long and arduous, but nothing compared to the difficulties that await her once she arrives. Guns, outlaws, and betrayal are all in the mix – with a generous sprinkling of good old-fashioned discipline at the hands of her Ranger and lover.

Sloan and Blair are in the midst of a standoff..

“He’ll probably think the same of you when it’s your turn. Now come out of there and fork it over.”

“Fork what over?”

“Get what is owed you. Move it now and you will only have to feel the flat of my hand instead of my belt. Believe you me that is only because we have no time to spare.”

Blair quivered as his words echoed in her head. She felt the temperature of her face rise as she experienced both a heart pounding fear and an unusual, but not unpleasant, tickle between her legs. Biting her lower lip, she reluctantly exited the stall.


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9 thoughts on “Over the Barrel #SatSpanks

  1. Hmm. Fork it over, eh? Interesting terminology, but I’m with her. Fork what over? Although he’s very clear about what will happen next. Gotta love a cowboy with a purpose. Great snippet, Bree.

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