Atten-Hut! General’s Daughter Fans


Omg! Such exciting news.  John was approached to narrate the General’s Daughter Series and, as of today, he is the official voice belonging to Scott Jenkins, Dr. Quimby, Michael Quimby and Richard Lewis! So ladies (and some gents), you will get to hear your favorite character scold poor Sam for real!

That’s not all…There is word in the think tank that certain spanking scenes might even have sound effects… Whatcha think of that?

For those of you who don’t know, GD is my ultimate fantasy. I started the series (without the grown up parts) when I was 12 as a means to get through some horrible and ugly times.  Those characters kept me (Bree) from doing a lot of stupid things and gave me a refuge, and love, when I needed it the most. When I rewrote the book (originally over 900 pages) in 2011, and put the parts of true fantasy within, it became real to me. Now- being able to hear the voices of my beloved heroes- it will come alive.

We will keep you updated! Thank you all!!



10 thoughts on “Atten-Hut! General’s Daughter Fans

  1. Sooo- John and I were talking last night (well, he was talking while I wheezed and sneezed, lol) and were wondering what the fans thought of both of us possibly reading this series? For SOME reason, John thinks he sounds goofy reading Sam’s parts… “No, Daddy! Please don’t spank meeeeeee” seem to set him a twitter! LOL! He is going to contact the engineer for his opinion, but I was curious regarding your input.

  2. I LOVE this series, so This is GREAT news… sign me up! I will even pre-order! Are there /will there be plans for more audio books of yours too??
    I commute/drive a lot, so I really do enjoy audio books… sure makes the treck go by so quickly, in fact, I admit to driving around a block or two, because I was at such a good point in the book!

    • I can’t describe his voice- it’s a cross between James Earl Jones, Anthony Hopkins and Christian Bale as Batman! Until he starts laughing….

  3. That is so great Bree. So many wonderful stories are being brought to life and with sound effects??? 🙂 wow!
    Lots of love,

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